Cloud-based assessment platform is free for educators

Creating, sharing, delivering and grading of tests, along with analysis of results, happens in real-time in one platform

assessments-cloudBeing able to easily create and deliver quizzes and tests to students in the classroom, and then put the results of those tests to work immediately to help improve student learning was the motivation behind Apperson, Inc. making its Evo Academics assessment platform available free-of-charge to educators everywhere.

The Free Teacher Edition, which was designed by teachers, allows educators to create online quizzes and tests, share tests with colleagues, build and store rubrics, assign tests to students through a student portal, access assessment results in real time, and generate student proficiency reports for the standards assessed.

Evo Academics Free Teacher Edition allows educators to use one platform for both assessment creation and online testing. It supports several question types, including multiple choice, true/false, short answers and essays. In addition, questions can include passages, images and video and educators have the ability to set assessment parameters such as time limits.

For educators who are using Apperson DataLink Scanners, results can be scanned directly into the Evo Academics module so testing can be online, in paper form, or a combination of the two.

“For today’s K-12 educators, assessment plays an integral part in individualized learning and classroom instruction. Educators need to identify each student’s learning needs while gauging overall comprehension of skills and lessons being taught,” said Chairman of the Board, Bill Apperson. “Built with the whole child in mind, the Evo Academics assessment module translates data into useful information at the classroom, school or district level to identify learning opportunities and inform instruction. By offering this free edition, we hope to empower educators in their efforts to provide a deeper and more personalized learning experience for students.”

“As the use of assessments in schools continue to evolve, teachers know and trust Apperson to create easy-to-use and convenient solutions with their everyday needs in mind,” said Brian Ludemann, Apperson’s Director of Application Architecture. “This free cloud-based assessment platform is flexible enough to let educators create and share assessments, while providing the analytics necessary to turn data into action.”

For more information or to sign up for the Evo Academics Free Teacher Edition, visit

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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