Microsoft on Sept. 8 is launching Redu, a Bing-powered web site that aims to act as a “homeroom” for people interested in learning more about the state of American schools, CNET reports. The site, to which Microsoft plans to link from, aspires to be an online hub for those looking to donate to schools, volunteer locally, or work in education. “This new site is a great way to galvanize interest and focus on public education,” said Pamela Passman, vice president of corporate affairs at Microsoft. Among its features is a Bing Map that shows available job openings in the education field, along with articles and links to adopt-a-school opportunities. Passman noted that the effort comes as the documentary “Waiting for Superman” is close to opening, a movie by the director of “An Inconvenient Truth” that Passman said hopefully will draw further attention to the challenges facing American schools. “People expect that to create a national conversation on public education,” she said. “This will be a huge asset for people to be part of that conversation.”

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