App of the Week: Don’t let grading control your life

Educators can access an analytics platform on-the-go with this app

app-gradingName: Gradeable

What is it? What would you inspire, if you weren’t bogged down in grading and paperwork? Gradeable lets teachers grade better and faster, pinpoint gaps in student learning, and improve achievement.

Best for: Educators

Price: Free app; see for web-based service pricing

Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later

Features include:
–Build from scratch or copy and paste assessments you already have into the Gradeable website. Get creative! Our system can support many different types of questions like graphs, charts, images, etc.
–Print out your tests, quizzes, exit tickets, etc. from and hand them out to your students. On paper, just like always. Gradeable is great for day-to-day assessments so you can gather data on how your classes are progressing.
–Use a printer/scanner to scan the pile into a PDF format, then upload the file to your Gradeable account. The QR code at the bottom of the page gives us information about the assessment. It also allows multiple choice questions to be automatically graded when you scan in.
–Grade online, from any computer, anywhere. You’ll only need to grade short answer questions and our system organizes all your work so you can take your grading anywhere.
–We do the data analysis for you, so you can have fast, impactful data to drive your next lesson. All the feedback you give gets stored so you never have to worry about losing papers again, and your students will have a digital portfolio of all their work.

Link: iTunes 

Laura Ascione

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