Parents, school officials debate insurance for device repairs

device-repairWhen Debbie Myers’ son and his classmates were first sent home with school iPads last year, she remembers parents asking what would happen if the iPads broke.

This year, she found out. Parents of Williamsville middle school students assigned the devices were given a choice: spend $34 for insurance on the device or assume responsibility for its full $400 cost.

What upset Myers the most was that the insurance form was sent home two weeks after the tablets.

“It wasn’t the point of $34,” Myers said. “It was the principle that nobody knew this was coming.”

As schools send home more iPads, Chromebooks, and other devices with students, districts across the region are dealing with more than just loading apps, training teachers, and ensuring students get the most out of the technology.

They’re also grappling with an inevitable question: Who pays when they break?

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