Florida school leaders worry schools won’t be able to manage testing requirements

florida-testingMany Florida superintendents fear their schools won’t be able to manage all the new computer-based testing set to begin next week.

Required by the state to certify their schools’ “readiness” for the computer-based portions of the new Florida Standards Assessment, a third of superintendents who have responded so far signed the document but then wrote letters detailing serious concerns.

Many said they weren’t really ready and worried the increase in computer-based standardized tests would chew up class time, limit students’ ability to go online for class work, lead to technology failures and hurt students unfamiliar with the tools of online exams.

Walt Griffin, superintendent for Seminole County schools, noted the state’s certification document only provided one option for superintendents. They must sign off on school readiness and promise that any that aren’t ready will be “provided with support” so they are.

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