Robotic telepresence will help students, teachers in classrooms and homes

cloud-swivlEd-tech video provider Swivl announced on April 14 the debut of its new live conferencing solution with robotic telepresence, Swivl Cloud Live.

Swivl’s robotic video capture solution, the Swivl Robot, and online content platform, Swivl Cloud, are in use in classrooms across the globe. Now, the company takes the next step toward bridging the gaps between home, school and the real world.

Initially available this month through closed beta, the new live video conferencing solution provides teachers with a means to connect with remote viewers, such as chronically homebound students, planned absentees, distance learners and even mentors or coaches. In some cases, attending with a live connection is a requirement for receiving class credit or meeting evolving requirements for students with disabilities, making this a necessary and compelling addition.

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Laura Ascione
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Laura Ascione

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