school principals

Are you a regular principal or a New Learning Leader?

New data shows that school principals are both instructional leaders and digital evangelists

School principals recognize their unique positions as digital evangelists and are evolving to lead their schools into a new era of learning, according to new data on school leadership.

New data from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up survey, packaged in a report along with Blackboard, shows that the “new” school principal has skills and values that “inherently emphasize the importance of personalized learning and effective school-to-home communications.”

This new approach, dubbed the “New Learning Leader,” means principals embody the roles of both instructional leader and digital evangelist. They support new approaches to online and digital learning and they value technology’s potential to create more personalized learning, while at the same time acknowledging teachers’ irreplaceable roles in learning.

This new category of school principals is more likely than others to have implemented blended, competency-based, or flipped learning environments at their school, according to the new research. Fifty-one percent of all principals have implemented blended learning at their school, while 74 percent of New Learning Leaders are in charge of a blended learning school.

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