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Say hello to Alvik: Arduino’s game-changing robot is the beginning of a great learning adventure!

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND – As part of its mission to make robotics fun and accessible for all, Arduino is launching a brand-new programmable robot – the Arduino Alvik. Catering to teachers, students, programmers and innovators alike, this versatile and robust platform provides boundless opportunities for hands-on learning and creativity.

Alvik stands out for its unprecedented ease of programming. Its integration of MicroPython – a simple-to-read programming language interpreter optimized for microcontrollers – means users can quickly bring their ideas to life from just a single line of code. Once the basics are mastered, they can then progress to more complex robotics projects that are tailored to their skill level and interests.

Alvik is designed to empower young learners and lower the entry barrier to the fascinating world of robotics. With the upcoming integration of block-based programming, it is positioned to support primary school education, making coding accessible and engaging for younger learners.

The robot’s compact and robust design hosts uncompromising functionality. Powered by the trusted Arduino Nano ESP32, the Alvik boasts an impressive array of high-quality sensors and motion control systems that enable it to perceive and interact with its surroundings. With the additional sensor ports and connectors, these integrated sensors allow users to transform Alvik into a rover, bulldozer, delivery robot, or automated inspection robot for a variety of applications – both in classroom learning and DIY projects. And that’s just the start of the creative learning experience! 

Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, shares his vision: “Alvik isn’t just a robot; it’s a bridge to advanced robotics. It’s meticulously crafted to ensure that anyone interested in robotics can start with the basics and advance to complex projects. We asked our engineers to make no compromises on technology, and they delivered a platform that will surprise many different categories of users. We envision and encourage any sort of hacks for this open robot.

Key highlights of the Arduino Alvik include:

  • Start programming in no time: Alvik streamlines the learning curve in robotics with a comprehensive programming suite that includes MicroPython and the Arduino language. And Alvik soon plans to introduce block-based coding, further enhancing accessibility for younger students.
  • Unlock robotics potential with multiple integrated sensors: Alvik’s Time of Flight matrix distance sensors, RGB color and line-following array sensors, along with its six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, allow users to tackle many innovative, real-world projects. From obstacle avoidance to smart warehouse automation, the possibilities are endless!
  • Enjoy advanced motor control: Alvik leverages motors with encoders, advanced motor drivers, and a dedicated MCU.
  • Customize and expand with Alvik’s extension capabilities: Alvik comes equipped with LEGO® Technic™ connectors, allowing users to personalize the robot and expand its capabilities. Additionally, it features M3 screw connectors for custom 3D or laser-cut designs.
  • Amplify Alvik’s flexibility for dynamic movement: The Servo, I2C Grove, and I2C Qwiic connectors allow users to expand Alvik’s potential and take robotics projects to a whole new level. Add motors for controlling movement and robotic arms, or integrate extra sensors for data collection and analysis – the choice is yours. 
  • CSTA and NGSS-aligned curriculum for education: Teachers, students and self-learners have access to a free, easy-to-follow Explore Robotics and MicroPython course developed by Arduino to help them understand the core principles of robotics and MicroPython through project-based learning concepts. 

For more information about this innovative new robot, visit the Alvik store page now.

About Arduino

Arduino is the leading open-source hardware and software company in the world. Born to provide an easy-to-use platform for anyone making interactive projects, Arduino has reached a growing community and adapted to new needs and challenges, branching out into products for IoT, wearables, 3D printing, and embedded environments. As of today, the Arduino community includes over 33 million active users.

With Arduino Education, Arduino supports educational institutions and educators around the world in bringing STEAM subjects to life in the classroom with hands-on kits and digital content that make learning engaging, for students at any age and stage.

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