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This program could help aspiring principals succeed

A new study evaluates whether a program aimed specifically at aspiring principals helps school leaders build success

Students in schools where new principals participated in a research-based training program outperformed students in schools with new principals who did not participate in the program, according to a new study.

The RAND Corporation study focuses on the New Leaders program, which partners with districts to offer rigorous and research-based training for aspiring principals.

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New Leaders’ hallmark program, the Aspiring Principals program, focuses on three core elements: selective recruitment and admission, training and endorsement, and support for principals early in their tenure.

Students in K-8 schools led by New Leaders principals scored higher on achievement tests when compared to K-8 students in schools whose principals were not in the program, a RAND study finds. Both mathematics and ELA achievement were higher and remained statistically significant even after corrections were made.

Laura Ascione

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