School safety is paramount to administrators, educators, parents, and students across the country. Teaching and learning can’t occur when school staff and students feel unsafe in their classrooms and school buildings.

School safety encompasses both physical safety and network security, with the lines often blurring between the two–careful network monitoring can detect threats to students’ physical safety, whether from one student planning an incident against one or many other students, or a student contemplating self-harm.

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of resources to investigate as you pursue tools and resources for physical and network security.

1. NetSupport’s NetSupport School is a complete classroom management solution offers assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features. NetSupport DNA offers school IT asset management with internet safety to help keep school networks and students protected.

2. FrontRow’s ezRoom Trio is an all-in-one classroom media solution with premium sound quality and scalability. Pre-installed options handle HDMI switching, voice reinforcement, voice commands, integration with school bells and paging system, emergency alert buttons, automation, projector control and management, and much more.

10 resources for physical and network safety

3. Lightspeed Systems’ Relay Platform offers cloud-based filtering, device management with app controls, monitoring to keep teachers focused on students and not screens, protection with the ability to flag inappropriate content such as cyberbullying or self-harm, and analytics capabilities.

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