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Industry-Leading Charging Cart Company Launches new Caddy to Support Classroom Technology

To provide safety to children and their technology in classrooms across the United States, an industry leader in charging solutions launches two new carts with device caddy compatibility on October 4.

With an increase in 1:1 devices in the K-12 classroom environment, Bretford Technologies continues to notice the pain points teachers and students are facing. More technology equates to more time spent deploying and loading devices back into technology charging carts or other forms of storage.

“In our research we noticed that students removing and re-entering their individual devices into charging solutions twice a day was causing precious time to be taken from their classwork. We needed to supply classrooms with the necessary equipment to quickly and efficiently maneuver devices in and out of the cart to save time for teaching,” said Cory Doppelt, Senior Product Manager.

The Caddy is created in partnership with Higher Ground, an industry leader in protective technology casing for the education environment. With this partnership comes many benefits to the end user.

“Bretford is proud to have partnered with Higher Ground to design a solution that is durable, sustainable, and high-quality to support student technology and district budgets by securing devices and preventing costly breakage,” said Jack Hough, Vice President of Product.

With a hydrophobic cloth exterior, padded interior and full-length dividers with a 1.25” width, a spill-proof design, and a heavy-duty handle, the Caddy provides top protection for devices to be handled by students of all ages.

The Caddy comes included with the CUBE Toploader™ with Caddies and CUBE Transport® with Caddies solutions, two charging carts re-imagined for the Caddy. Each cart comes equipped to hold 6 Caddies, equaling up to 30 devices supported in each cart. The CUBE Toploader itself has some major student protection upgrades.

With student protection and safety in mind, the CUBE Toploader™ comes with rounded corners, a soft close lid with a hydraulic arm, and easy access to charging cords with a cable management system to prevent breakage and increase accessibility for students.

The CUBE Transport® is the open-concept cart with a book truck design that provides all-around easy accessibility for students and teachers.

“We look forward to the Caddy being deployed in schools across the nation and are excited to see the benefits of a high-quality device basket being used by students and teachers. This will be a game changer in the K-12 technology environment,” said Brian Spears, President. For additional product information, or to learn more, visit our website at, or contact us today at (800) 521-9614.

About Bretford

For more than 70 years, Bretford has provided innovative solutions to technology-driven environments ensuring the most efficient, effective, and futureproof device management. With the goal to provide the highest quality charging solutions to its customers, Bretford designs and builds all products in the United States to produce the most robust product line-up in the industry.

About Higher Ground

Focused on functionality, Higher Ground designs protective solutions for educational institutions and mobile users with a simple goal: purposeful, universal products that prevent damage while making technology more accessible and easier to use anytime, anywhere. Designing products with nature in mind, Higher Ground’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact, and add value where they can – for their customers, partners, and planet!

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