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As edtech leaders head back to school, resources touching on equity, cybersecurity, asset management, and more can make for a smooth start.

10 key CoSN back-to-school resources for edtech leaders

As edtech leaders head back to school, resources touching on equity, cybersecurity, asset management, and more can make for a smooth start

Editor’s note: This story on 10 back-to-school resources for edtech leaders originally appeared on CoSN’s blog and is reposted here with permission.

digital equity dashboard

1) Digital Equity Dashboard 

CoSN’s Digital Equity Dashboard is an innovative and practical tool designed to help school districts and communities leverage data to close digital equity gaps. This powerful instrument integrates various national data sets into one comprehensive dashboard. By anonymizing the data and breaking it down into county, school district and zip code units, the Digital Equity Dashboard provides school and community leaders with valuable data to inform decision-makers and address equity concerns.

  • To learn more about how school districts and communities can effectively employ the dashboard, explore CoSN’s informative video tutorials.
  • Take a deep dive into the Digital Equity Dashboard at our upcoming webinar on September 13, 2023. (All registrants will receive a recording of the Webinar.)
  • Explore the Dashboard here.
2023 08 10 cosn edtech webinar ai

2) AI in Education

The advent of Generative AI presents an unprecedented opportunity for K-12 institutions. CoSN Resources on AI offer insight, advice and peer experiences that will guide EdTech leaders in harnessing the power of AI to enhance learning. The AI in Education Community, along with resources, blogs and webinars, serves as a platform for discovering innovative strategies for schools and districts.

cyberfall course 23

3) Cybersecurity

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding our schools’ networks and information is paramount. CoSN Tools and Resources on Cybersecurity empower EdTech leaders to analyze their current security status, reduce risks, and contribute to effective teaching and learning environments. CoSN resources include information on PlanningPrevention & PreparationImplementation; and Response.


4) 2023 Driving K-12 Innovation

CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation 2023 series continues to provide trend reports that support the integration of emerging technologies in education. With insights from a global advisory board of K-12 leaders, practitioners and changemakers, this initiative delves into the themes driving, hindering, and enabling teaching and learning innovation at schools.

k 12cvat

5) K-12CVAT

The CoSN K-12 Community Vendor Assessment Tool (K-12CVAT) offers a framework for K-12 schools, districts and education service districts to assess vendor risk. Before purchasing a third-party solution, ask the solution provider to complete the K-12CVAT tool to confirm that information, data and cybersecurity policies are in place to protect sensitive school system information and constituents’ PII. 

6) Disaster Preparation

amy mclaughlin on the hill

CoSN cybersecurity expert Amy McLaughlin testifies before U.S. Senate

Before a disaster strikes, it is incumbent upon school system IT personnel to have emergency operations plans in place to ensure continuity of learning. Natural disasters can be spontaneous events, requiring school system leaders to implement and train team members on procedures so that they can act swiftly. Administrative and school personnel should be able to assess damage quickly, update all stakeholders, bring critical systems back online, and resume operations as quickly as possible.

tco image

7) Asset Management and Budgeting

In the face of tight IT budgets, assessing the costs and benefits of educational tech projects is crucial. CoSN provides the tools to assist K-12 districts in estimating overall expenses and advantages, which aids in project assessment, validation and long-term viability. Grasping the complete computing expenses is vital for strategic planning, budgeting, and adapting to shifting needs and technologies.

Lifecycle Replacement Planning (member exclusive)

tle seal 5.3.22

8) Trusted Learning Environment Seal (TLE Seal)

The CoSN Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal is the nation’s only privacy framework designed specifically for school systems. The TLE program helps K-12 schools and districts build strong, effective privacy programs and a culture of trust and transparency. 

9) Fall Courses


CoSN’s online courses target the skill areas in CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO, offer CEA Credits for CETL® recertification, and access to course materials for a full year. Register now for Early Bird & Bulk Pricing discounts!

10) CoSN Blogs, Webinars and Podcasts

Rev up your EdTech journey through a world of FREE blogs from our vibrant CoSN Members. From AI to EdTech Leadership, Cybersecurity to K-12 Innovation, our blogs cover it all. But that’s not the end of the adventure! Join us for our timely webinars, tailor-made for EdTech leaders like you. Members enjoy them free, while non-members get in on the action at a small cost. And guess what? We’ve got podcasts too, so you can catch up on-the-go. 

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