Florida House opens door for more technology in classrooms

A bill that would give Florida school districts more flexibility in buying technology has passed the state House and is heading to the Senate, reports the Tampa Bay Business Journal. House Bill 623 was approved by the House 112-2 on April 26 and is expected to give public school districts the latitude to purchase devices such as e-readers and other technology for delivering digital content to students. It’s similar to bills that are in consideration or have passed in Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas. “This legislation does not ask for more money, but instead aims to give school districts the flexibility they need to ensure our state is preparing children for future life and work in the 21st century,” said State Rep. Rachel Burgin, R-Tampa, who was a sponsor of the bill. Current Florida law prohibits public school districts from spending money earmarked for educational materials on computers. House Bill 623 would help update state law to allow districts the flexibility needed to spend a portion of their educational materials budget to purchase computers for delivering digital content for classroom instruction…

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