FETC Gadget Roundup

To satisfy attendees’ desire to know about the latest and greatest technology out there, Leslie Fisher of Fisher Technologies provided a “gadget roundup” of teaching tools and other fun items during her keynote speech.

From iPad apps to websites that make life easier, here are our favorites from her presentation…

Eventbrite.com allows you to set up an event with online registration–perfect for those seeking to fill a class or workshop. It can process credit card payments and put number caps on events, adding and managing a waitlist for any cancellations. From the site, you can print name badges and certificates for the event itself. Eventbrite is free for free events, while those selling tickets will pay 2.5 percent plus $0.99 for each pay ticket sold.

Google Voice offers an alternative to teachers who are concerned about distributing phone number. The service allows you to set up a number that you can then direct to voicemail or other phone numbers based on the who is calling. For example, if it’s an unknown number, you can send it directly to voicemail. If it’s a personal call, you can have it go to your home number, or if it’s a parent calling, you can have it rerouted to your classroom. Google Voice will also transcribe voicemails to text.

Jott.com is great for educators consistently on the go. Whenever a new idea pops in your head, call Jott and leave a brief message. It will record that information in any other applications you use, from Google Calendar to Twitter. Through Jott, you can also listen to RSS feeds, check up on baseball scores, or read the latest from the New York Times.

Ustream.tv allows you to set up a free account and post videos live as they happen. Perfect for recording classes for a sick student,  capturing presentations, or recording sporting events, Ustream is a user-friendly way to document school functions.

For those worried about their Mac products being stolen, Orbicule offers a fool-proof safety net. If your laptop is stolen, alert Orbicule, which will secretly track the machine’s IP address. It will also use a Mac’s built-in camera to take snapshots every six minutes and mail the pictures to your eMail, so you have an idea of what the thief looks like. Eventually it will dim the screen to make it look like screen failure, in the hopes the thief will take it to a Mac Store. However, upon entering the store, the screen begins flashing a message alerting Mac employees that it’s been stolen, as well as blaring “Stolen!” at the highest volume permitted by the device.

Hook up a document camera directly to your iPad with the IPEVO Point to View or attach a Lumens Ladybug to your iPad and use a powerful document camera portably.

The Square Reader attaches to the iPhone or iPad as a way to accept credit card payments. Teachers collecting field trip payments or running fundraisers can easily accept all form of payment after adding this accessory to their mobile device.

Soundpaper lets educators take notes via the typing pad on their device and by writing directly on the device. It also allows you to record the sound occurring at the time of the note taking, be it performance, class, or workshop.

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