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Opinion: A simple question teachers should now ask about their profession

New York newspapers just published the evaluation rankings of New York City teachers based on student test scores. A good deal of anger is being directed their way for publishing the results, says Carol Corbett Burris, principal of South Side High School in New York, for the Washington Post. Although I abhor what the newspapers are doing, much of the anger, I believe is misplaced. This was the inevitable conclusion of an evaluation system, created by folks who knew, or should have known, that the publication of such numbers was the most likely outcome. New York teachers and their principals should brace themselves because with the new state-wide evaluation system, this will probably be a yearly event. The publication of evaluation scores should not come as a surprise to anyone, including Bill Gates, because it is allowed by the law. It had already occurred in Los Angeles. One would hope that after the tragedy in Los Angeles, when a teacher took his own life, apparently due in part to despondence over the release of his score, our leaders would have paused in their crusade to reduced teachers to numbers. Sadly, this did not occur…

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