15 Twitter tweets for amazing Common Core resources

[In no particular order]

1. “10 Useful Common Core Resources for Elementary Teachers.” Twitter handle: Carri Schneider ‏@CarriSchneider. First-grade teacher Carrie Sorensen provides Edudemic with some great ways to incite kids natural interest in math games and manipulatives. Sorensen teaches at the Highlander Charter School in Providence, Rhode Island, in a blended classroom. She is active in the ed-tech community in Rhode Island, and designing many elementary Common Core resources for Learnist.

2. “Common Core Math: Best Resources for High School Educators.” Twitter handle: OAC ‏@OHAppCollab. Education nonprofits and researchers have developed some of the best resources for understanding how Common Core will shift high school math classrooms, with example videos, articles about assessment and lists of tech tools for educators.

3. “6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents.” Twitter handle: Melissa Dodd ‏@MelissaPDodd. Part of the Common Core stresses the importance of teaching students how to comprehend informational text. If you’re looking to integrate social studies into your literacy block, try out one of these resources for primary source documents: artifacts created by individuals during a particular period in history.

4. “Common Core in Action: Math in the Middle School Classroom.” Twitter handle: edutopia ‏@edutopia. Learn more about how educational technology can be integrated into the curriculum for Common Core math mastery.

5. “Implementing the common core: 4 lessons learned for school and district leaders.” Twitter handle: SmartBrief Education ‏@SBEducation. Michael Moody, CEO of Insight Education Group, offers four lessons for implementing the Common Core and Sharon Contreras, superintendent of the Syracuse City School District in New York, shares the school district perspective.

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