15 Twitter tweets for amazing Common Core resources

6. MasteryConnect Common Core app. Twitter handle: Secondary Principals ‏@massp. View the CCSS in one free app. A great reference for students, parents, and teachers to easily read and understand the core standards. Find standards by subject, grade, and subject category (domain/cluster). This app includes Math standards for K-12 and Language Arts standards for K-12. Math standards include both traditional and integrated pathways (as outlined in Appendix A of the common core) and synthesizes Language Arts standards with the Corresponding College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRs).

7. “Common Core Standards & Strategies Math and ELA K-12 iPad Apps.” Twitter handle: Mentoring Minds ‏@mentoringminds. Mentoring Minds’ flip chart provides educators with strategies for the delivery of effective instruction pertaining to the new Math and ELA Standards. The company also includes clarifying activities so you know how best to utilize the content in your classroom. Apps include Common Core Standards and Strategies Math K-12 and Common Core Standards and Strategies ELA K-12.

8. “21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps for High School Students from edshelf.” Twitter handle: Jenny McClintock ‏@ActivJenny. Math and engineering teacher Chris Beyerle from South Carolina curates this collection of math apps. These map to the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice—CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1 to CCSS.Math.Practice.MP8.

9. “16 Common Core Learning Apps for Android.” Twitter handle: Scott Newcomb ‏@SNewco. iTooch, an app developer of Common Core-aligned apps for iOS, has launched their line of apps on the Android platform, now available for download through Google Play. These apps are designed to be responsive, gamified, and focused on the academic practice students need to be successful in a standards-based, mastery-learning environment.

10. “The LRMI: A Common Sense Method for Finding Common Core Resources.” Twitter handle: Jordi ‏@jordijume. “Launched in June 2011 and co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers and Creative Commons, the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to create and implement a standard tagging specification for learning resources that enables alignment to learning standards, such as the Common Core,” writes Dave Gladney, project manager of the LRMI for the Association of Educational Publishers. “The LRMI’s work extends the effort by (a consortium involving search engine giants Microsoft Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex) to establish a standard method of tagging web pages across the internet.”

11. “New Common Core resources for educators.” Twitter handle: ‏@learningdotcom [and the editors of eSchool News]. New resources released in August [2013] link Common Core-aligned curriculum with any school system’s assessment data, and what’s more, these resources for educators are also 100 percent free.

12. “A Very Important Day.” Twitter handle: Tim Bedley ‏@tbed63. A close reading activity based on the story, “A Very Important Day” and includes instructions for implementation, text dependent questions, vocabulary and additional tasks. This resource was developed through the Student Achievement Partners Basal Alignment Project.

13. Common Core Month with Teaching Channel. Twitter handle: Teaching Channel ‏@TeachingChannel. Throughout September, Teaching Channel is bringing together top experts on the CCSS to answer questions for the community.

14. “14 ways to Use The Learning Network This School Year.” Twitter handle: Teach Plus ‏@teachplus. Find a fresh Common Core-aligned lesson plan or activity every weekday. Each lesson will be aligned to the Common Core Anchor Standards.

15. “What are the Common Core State Standards?” Twitter handle: CCSSO ‏@CCSSO. Despite the widespread adoption of CCSS, many parents don’t know what the standards are or whether their state has adopted them, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll. This resource is meant to help parents understand the Common Core.

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