One-third of U.S. schools use this data technology

Clever now working with thousands of schools and vendors for data privacy in education

student-dataOne-­third of K­12 schools in the United States have adopted Clever to secure student data, the company announced. At a time when schools are rapidly embracing technology, Clever is now empowering 44,000 of them to do so while maintaining student data privacy and security.

Founded by educators, Clever is a secure software platform that makes it easy for schools and students
to use learning software in the classroom. Schools use Clever to securely integrate their learning software
with their Student Information Systems (SIS), saving teachers from having to create individual accounts
for each of their students.

And for students burdened with too many usernames and passwords to remember, Clever offers a universal login experience where they can log in to any application with a single click.

Schools trust Clever to provide an added layer of security in the applications they use. Clever ensures
that each of the 200 educational applications on its platform meet security and privacy requirements,
including end­to­end encryption, uses HTTPS­exclusive logins, and commits to meet federal FERPA

“Technology has tremendous potential to make education more personalized, but none of it will come to pass if we don’t set higher standards for student data privacy and security,” said Tyler Bosmeny, co­founder and CEO of Clever. “We are honored to be able to help so many thousands of school districts across the country do just that.”

But it’s not just security that schools value. Teachers across America often face incredible obstacles when they try to use learning software in their classrooms – and poorly implemented software means headaches for teachers and lost learning time for students.

A nationwide survey of teachers conducted by MDR revealed that the average teacher spends 25 percent
of their time in computer labs simply getting students logged into the applications they’re supposed to be
learning from. 80 percent of teachers said they’d use more technology in class if student sign­on took less
time. Clever helps teachers simplify that student login process, giving them back precious teaching time.

“Clever is changing how we use software in Oakland schools for the better,” said John Krull, chief
technology officer at Oakland Unified School District. “This will save us time in adopting and implementing new software and improve the classroom experience.”

Today, Clever is used by:
● 44,000 schools; growing at a rate of 1,000 schools per week during 2015’s back-­to-­school season
● 78 of the 100­largest schools districts, including Atlanta Public Schools, Boston Public Schools,
Broward County Public Schools, Clark County School District in Nevada, Hawai’i Department of
Education, Houston Independent School District, Miami­Dade Public Schools and others.
● 20 million students and teachers
● 200 educational applications

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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