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7 apps that could cause harm to our students

Cyberbullying, harassment, and more--parents and educators should know the harmful apps that children might be hiding on their phones

No one can dispute the importance of technology in today’s homes and classrooms. Seeing a child with a mobile device is nothing new, and many parents conversations today focus on when, and not if, to give a child a smartphone.

But with technology comes responsibility, and many ed-tech stakeholders know how important it is to teach students not just about digital citizenship, but of being aware of their digital footprint and staying responsible and safe online.

Anonymous messaging apps, random video chats, and apps that lock or hide other apps–they’re all a cause for concern.

In recent years, headlines have been filled with reports of children who have been stalked by peers, who have had inappropriate contact with strangers, or who have been relentlessly bullied–some to the point that they take their own lives.

Despite parents’ and educators’ best efforts, children don’t always have great judgment. We’ve compiled a list of apps adults might want to keep on their radar. These apps are representative of other apps that work the same, so it’s important to be aware of potentially harmful apps that might circulate through schools and groups of friends. And remember–apps can change their names or icons, and one harmful app can be replaced by another of the same genre. Vigilance and education are key.

Laura Ascione

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