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7 reasons why we need innovation in schools

Innovation is something educator strive for, and for good reason—it will shape society and the workforce for our students

Innovation is more than a buzzword today—it’s something educators strive for in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

We can’t test students on their innovation, but we can encourage them to explore new concepts, look at challenges from all sides, and embrace failures as opportunities to try again with more knowledge.

We also want to make sure you know about our Distinguished Innovator Awards program, which recognizes educators, leaders, schools, and districts that are embracing personalized learning, closing equity and opportunity gaps, and using groundbreaking strategies to improve education in every classroom. If you have a minute, enter the contest or nominate a colleague! The contest is open until November 30.

It’s important to recognize innovation when we see it. Here, we’ve highlighted some excellent examples of innovation in schools across the nation, and we’ve linked to more information about each example.

1. Young people who aren’t exposed to innovation are “lost inventors”—those who have tons of potential but are much less likely to pursue careers as inventors due to this lack of exposure. Addressing this gap is critical for the nation’s future.

2. At Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, MA, educators are taking an innovative approach toward education to help ensure that happens. Working with a coalition of partners from higher education, business, and industry, educators designed a high school curriculum that addresses the growing skills gap that exists in education today so that students are prepared for what is expected of them in college and beyond. The cornerstone of the high school is five school-to-career academies.

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