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AbleNet Partners with Talk To Me Technologies to Launch a New Online Application for Creating Symbol-Based Communication and Educational Materials

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AbleNet Partners with Talk To Me Technologies to Launch a New Online Application for Creating Symbol-Based Communication and Educational Materials

Pogo Boards™ is a unique, web-based symbol application that can be accessed from anywhere giving medical professionals, educators and families a powerful tool for gaining greater achievement and interaction

St. Paul, MN – September 21, 2009AbleNet, Inc. announces the partnership with Talk To Me Technologies, LLC, the developer of Pogo Boards, to provide both a free version of the software as well as an online subscription version of the world’s first, all-in-one, full-featured, online, symbol-based communication boards creator.  

Within the free version, users can create unique communications boards, curriculum or behavior support activities by accessing thousands of AbleNet symbols or millions of Google images.  Users can select from templates that have been created to correspond with AbleNet’s assistive technology devices as well as our content and curriculum for use in the classroom and the broader community.  The user can also upgrade to the subscription version allowing them to create their own symbol-based materials and store, share and exchange them all online.

“AbleNet is dedicated to partnering with companies that seek to provide innovative solutions to the market.  When Talk To Me Technologies presented Pogo Boards, I realized the immediate benefits of this online resource,” said Jen Thalhuber, CEO of AbleNet Inc.  “Together, the two companies are able to offer a free version to help people get started with the application while providing an upgrade option once they have assessed the benefit.” 

 “We are excited about working together with AbleNet to bring more solutions to classrooms and people around the world,” states Matt Dunning, CEO of Talk To Me Technologies.  “Users will be amazed by all of the features of Pogo Boards, and how quickly and easily they can create communication boards, and symbol-based learning materials and activities.”

Pogo Boards is the world’s first all-in-one solution of its kind.  It is a revolutionary, user-friendly, web-based application that is easy for both families and support staff to learn and use. It is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool designed to help people create and share custom-made, symbol-based communication boards and learning materials. 

“We are providing the free and reasonably-priced upgrade to Pogo Boards for our customers, whether they are speech therapists, teachers, families, support staff, special educators, ESL, ELL or EFL teachers,” said Marty Gallagher, CFO of Talk To Me Technologies. 

Pogo Boards provides easy access to the world’s largest selection of picture symbols.  In addition to more than 20,000 unique symbols within the application, users also have access to millions of images via Pogo Boards’ integrated Google image searching.  It is also easy for Pogo Boards users to search through thousands of boards and materials created by other users in the Global Community.  Users can also choose to keep their materials private or share only with people within their own select community.  Plus, boards and materials can be emailed easily as a PDF attachment.

Pogo Boards is Mac and PC compatible and available for single user or multiple users.  It can be used anywhere since there are no discs, upgrade releases or paying for symbol addendums.

“We are especially excited to offer this very robust tool to educators looking to better meet their special education curricular needs and reach aggressive education goals,” said Ann Meyer, Director of Research and Development for AbleNet, Inc.  “Our users will have access to all of the AbleNet created symbols and templates as well as a wide variety of our pre-made boards, activities and curriculum.”

Pogo Boards allows the creation of books, worksheets, flash cards, story boards, signage, schedules and many more possibilities.  Lessons and activities are made clear, engaging and instructive with the incorporation of symbols, especially symbols created for specific activities and ability levels.

About AbleNet, Inc

AbleNet is an international company and industry leader in providing educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. This includes a complete line of communication aids for nonverbal individuals; access aids, such as switches and wheelchair mounting devices for people who require physical supports; and special education classroom curriculum and software that both enhance and help ensure learning progress. The products are represented in more than 60 countries and used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms in the United States and across the globe. AbleNet is an ESOP company located in Roseville, Minnesota. For more information visit

About Talk To Me Technologies, LLC

Talk to Me Technologies, LLC is a leading augmentative communication device company that assists people with significant speech impairments in obtaining assistive communication technology known as “augmentative communication” or AAC. The clients served by our staff include people of all ages and levels of need, including people battling strokes, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), brain injuries, autism and many other developmental disabilities. The company takes care of the entire funding process and submits all claims and paperwork for equipment directly to the client’s insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.  For more information visit




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