Perfect Picture Lighting – Make Your Home Cozier with Picture Lights

Feeling Happier At Home: offers gift certificates for their wide range of direct wire picture lights, architectural lighting and contemporary home lighting.  With hundreds of accent lamps for pictures, mantel picture lighting, antique brass and bronze antique lamps as well as modern pendant and sconce lighting, a gift certificate allows the giftee to choose from among hundreds of beautiful picture light options. 

Gift certificates for home decorating are an increasingly popular option, especially in these stressful economic times:  "Many customers say that their goal is to give a loved one the gift of something that they had been putting off, like redecorating a room. . . . It’s the best thing people can do to feel happier at home, plus it adds curb appeal and increases resale values, even when, obviously, these lights would travel with you when you move."  Moira Lumina adds that many customers are excited about making the small investment with the big home décor improvement that picture lighting represents.  “It’s a whole different level of refinement to have art with its own lighting, or family photos that are presented with illumination of its own.”  

It’s no surprise that we’re all nesting this season, favoring the joys of hearth and home and creature comforts over frivolity.  The national trend toward nesting continues as people opt to work with what they’ve got rather than put up the “for Sale” sign and move.  Stay-cations (when you stay home and relax instead of hitting the road and spending tons of money) make “home” the ultimate destination.  And quality lighting really changes the feel of a room, the warmth of a home. 

Further to economic considerations, energy efficient lighting home décor is a focus at, where many energy saving light bulbs such as battery led light, compact fluorescent bulbs, led light bulb and mini led light glow within graceful lighting for wall art that will beautify and simplify your home.

Family Portraits Glow When Lit by Picture Lights – I spoke to my friend, a college professor of education, and she gave me this great idea:  “Here’s a step by step process to engage your family in personalizing your home.  The process gives everyone a sense of ownership and choice, which helps everyone feel more connected.  What better way to focus on the family?”  I call this project “Family Shrine” because it really puts a lot of loving focus on what makes the family feel good, and the results beautify your home and serve as a constant reminder. 

1.      Start by selecting a cherished family photograph; take votes to see which one it will be! 

2.      Now that you’ve engaged your family in picture selection, make decisions on matting and framing the picture (get it enlarged if need be).  When you frame the photo DON’T cover the image with glass – picture lights aren’t used with glassed over pictures.  (The money you save by not getting glass can help you with the rest of the project).

Here are some more decisions you all can make:

3.      Where in the house should it go? 

4.      Do you need to paint those walls? 

Great, you’re almost done.  Now for the finishing touch –

5.      A picture light will make that photo glow and serve as another source of light to the room.  Sometimes in the evening small cascades of light makes it feel homier than room brightening ceiling lights.  Find the best light for your “Family Shrine” at


Remember: Picture Lights Make Great Gifts – Give a picture light, or a gift certificate, for that perfect finishing touch – call 1-800-792-4457 or visit to get great gift ideas.


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