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eSN’s TED Talks round-ups, all in one place

Need a TED Talk for inspiration? We’ve got months of them.

TED-TalksWith just a click, today’s educators have access to a nearly infinite amount of information, from classroom strategies to district management tips, and everything in between.

Educators often say they learn best from their peers and colleagues. Some of the world’s top education experts are available instantly online, through outlets such as TED Talks, YouTube, and more.

Each month, eSchool News compiles a handful of TED Talks that focus on education, innovative practices, and inspiring thoughts.

We’ve collected those monthly features here for you to browse at your convenience. Each month, we’ll add our latest TED Talks feature to this page so that you don’t miss out on these great resources.

April: 5 must-watch TED Talks
Why MOOCs still matter, teaching kids to code, using video in education–it’s all here in this month’s TED Talks feature.

May: 6 inspiring TED Talks
In this month’s round-up: science fairs for all kids, boosting creativity in schools, what we do and don’t know about autism, and more.

June: 5 TED Talks to support innovation
How grit plays a role in education, global classrooms, educational innovation in the slums–don’t miss this month’s round-up.

July: 5 TED Talks that delve into education
This month’s TED Talks include how to fix failing schools, rules to spark learning, using data in schools, and more.

August: 6 intriguing TED Talks for the new school year
Lunch ladies are heroes, becoming a “now-ist,” Google’s next steps, the human brain’s mysteries, and more, all in this month’s round-up.

September: 11 TED Talks about science and the brain
Science teaching, college science success, the potential that brain research holds for education and society, and more in this month’s TED Talks round-up.

October: 7 TED Talks about gaming’s potential
These talks focus on using gaming to engage students, explain challenging concepts, and how to use gaming to reward the brain.

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