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Majority of teachers avoid classroom social media

A new survey reveals teachers' hesitations to integrate social media into instruction

Eighty-six percent of teachers in a recent survey say they have not incorporated social media into their classrooms, and of those who have not, 62 percent said they have no plans to do so.

A University of Phoenix College of Education survey of more than 1,000 K-12 teachers explores how teachers feel about using social media as an educational resource and the reasoning for why teachers are still reluctant to integrate social media into the classroom.

Just 14 percent of teachers say they use social platforms in the classroom. The reluctance to integrate is due to a number of reasons, teachers said, including possible use issues and student knowledge exceeding teacher knowledge.

Four-in five (81 percent) teachers say they are worried about conflicts that can occur from using social media with students/parents. Nearly 20 percent of teachers say they are intimidated by students’ knowledge/use of technology devices for social networking.

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Laura Ascione

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