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Book Uses Neuroscience to Reduce Conflict

Jeanine Hull’s book ‘Making Peace with Conflict’ is a must-have guide for “navigating the labyrinth of conflict to a more centered life” during the COVID-19 era and beyond

With COVID-19 changing the way we work and live, combining those spaces in unprecedented ways, and happening concurrently with massive political divisions and economic distress, the potential for destructive conflict is increasing. Jeanine Hull—former corporate lawyer, now author, certified Conflict Transformation mediator, conflict engagement coach and public speaker—shows how to use this challenging time constructively to deepen relationships by changing the way you think about and respond to conflict. Her new book, Making Peace with Conflict: Using Neuroscience to Ease Difficult Relationships, is a scientifically comprehensive guide and is the first book that explicitly ties recent revolutionary trauma research to the way we deal with conflict.

“We all know how miserable conflict is, but very few of us have experienced the benefits conflict can bring, such as deepening trust and strengthening relationships,” said Hull. “Like navigating a labyrinth, the process of harnessing the connective power of conflict lies in trusting the process, putting one foot in front of the other and maintaining progress toward the center—a place of integration, peace and ease. Using clear and easy-to-understand language, my book uses neuroscience to educate you how to engage with and move through the unpleasantness of conflict to better your professional and personal lives.”

Notably, Hull helps organizations and families create an environment that values diversity of opinions (which can often lead to conflict—or worse, silence) with Rules of Conflict Engagement to normalize and respect diverging opinions. These Rules of Engagement make it safe for everyone to give their best to their jobs, families, communities and volunteer organizations.

Readers of the book will:

  • Understand how their (and all human) bodies respond to their perception of conflict, including responses commonly known as “flight/fight/freeze”
  • Learn ways to calm those responses and help others calm theirs
  • Recognize that we are all doing our best to survive.

As Dr. James Gilligan, a leading authority on the causes of violence, clinical professor of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor of Law at New York University, and author of Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic and Preventing Violence, writes:

“In this truly remarkable book Jeanine Hull summarizes and synthesizes an enormous amount of the most important and up-to-date research, from the latest findings in neuroscience to new developments in the understanding and treatment of trauma to effective methods of conflict resolution. She shows how inseparable the body is from the mind, and how valuable that knowledge can  be in helping us as individuals and as a society to deal more constructively with all forms of psychological distress and dysfunction.”

 Making Peace with Conflict is the book we’ve been waiting for: a straightforward and non-touchy- feely process to taking control of our behavior to live a more peaceful life. 

Order your e-book or paperback copy today at AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound and Kobo to receive in September 2020. To learn more about Making Peace with Conflict or to book Hull to speak during in-person or virtual corporate events, workshops, seminars, keynotes and more, visit


About the Author

Making Peace with Conflict: Using Neuroscience to Ease Difficult Relationships, is the first book by Jeanine Hull, who recently retired as a prominent energy attorney. She is an experienced public speaker, including keynote addresses and expert testimony before Congress. Hull regularly spearheads seminars and interactive trainings, while offering public speaking services and personalized coaching to corporations and individuals looking to harness the dynamic and creative power of everyday conflicts. By guiding individuals and teams to productively participate in conflict engagement, Hull helps her clients create a positive environment which fosters teamwork and collaboration. Jeanine resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband of 30 years, dog and two cats, as her adult son explores the world.

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