Cybersecurity to Be Taught to K-8 students across North America for Free

New Cyber Legends gaming platform aligned to 50 US state and 2 Canadian provincial curriculum standards

London, ON – Cyber Legends, the fun, free game that empowers kids to learn online safety through play, today announced the launch of the Cyber Legends Gaming platform and its availability to schools across North America. There is currently no standardized cyber safety curriculum being taught in primary, elementary or intermediate schools. Cyber Legends intends to change that with engaging, curriculum-aligned lessons, masked as a fun video game. The game teaches kids about passwords, identity theft, scams, phishing, cyber bullying, sexting, social media issues and much more.

Cyber Legends has reached out to teachers, schools, school boards, cybersecurity experts, and online safety professionals to collect data over the past 2 years to learn about their challenges.  The company has gathered all the complexities of internet safety and distilled them into engaging, well-tested, curriculum-aligned, and beautifully structured lesson plans (created by teachers) for grades K–8. Cyber Legends also comes with tons of free resources to help teachers, parents, and children.

As critical as it is that children learn about cyber safety early on, teachers often lack the resources to help their students. They aren’t cybersecurity specialists and the vast majority have never received any cybersecurity training themselves. This provides a simple way to give each child the basics on how to stay safe online.  This has become more critical as students use laptops, mobile devices, and home computers routinely.

“Over 1.5 billion children are at risk of harm online and technology adoption is starting earlier than ever,” said  James Hayes, Co-Founder and CEO at Cyber Legends. “We saw the need for early training of children and an army of the world’s leading brands have agreed and are backing us in these pursuits. What Sesame Street did for children’s reading in 1969, Cyber Legends will do for children’s cyber safety in 2022 and beyond.”

As students play Cyber Legends, reports appear in the teacher dashboard. This information shows teachers where students are excelling, and where there’s room for improvement. The reports are easily tailored to a teacher’s specific focus and also helps guide the assessment process.

“Cyber Legends provides an extensive online resource full of digital safety lessons sorted by grade, topic, and media type,” said S. Westover, Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Coordinator at Rainy River District School Board. “The materials are well organized, easy to use, and completely customizable to help teachers build media literacy and critical thinking skills in our students.”

Working with game developers who have designed for Mattel, Disney, and Lucas Films, to name a few, the Cyber Legends video game was created to immerse students in scenarios that lead to in-game assignments. This problem-based approach helps develop critical thinking and communication skills, with students assimilating concepts effortlessly.

About Cyber Legends
Cyber Legends created a fun, free game that teaches kids how to be safe online. The game-based learning platform, in addition to teacher and parent resources, is available for free to K-8 schools, parents and enterprises across the U.S. and Canada. Cyber Legends is on a mission to help parents, educators and enterprises raise cyber smart kids, allowing them to navigate the online world safely. There is currently no standardized cyber safety curriculum being taught in educational systems. Cyber Legends provides engaging, well-tested, curriculum-aligned, and beautifully structured lessons, masked as a fun video game. Now, schools can teach these skills, parents can help at home and businesses can provide the tools to employees/customers to protect their children. The game turns their passion for gaming into safe online behavior, teaching about passwords, identity theft, scams, phishing, cyber bullying, inappropriate content, social media issues and much more. To sign up your school, home or company for free, visit

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