7 tips and ideas to make the eclipse engaging for students

This article originally appeared on Vernier’s blog and is reposted here with permission.

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible over the United States, starting in Texas. This upcoming eclipse event is an exciting opportunity to incorporate phenomenon-based learning into your instruction and engage your students through inquiry.

Here are some tips for making the most out of this rare occasion as you study it with your students.…Read More

Infusing PBL with edtech to enhance collaboration, critical thinking

Key points:

Project-based learning (PBL) helps prepare students for college and beyond by actively engaging them in meaningful, relevant projects. In many situations, students will work on these projects for weeks or months at a time, which helps them develop deeper content knowledge when attempting to answer complex questions and resolve real-world problems.

With advances in digital tools, many teachers are finding that using edtech tools in PBL enhances projects by providing direct access to greater sources of information and by allowing students to collaborate more easily. Some believe that leveraging the right technology is one of the best ways to support students during PBL activities.…Read More

How I’m making learning more engaging for my gifted students

Key points:

Keeping gifted students focused and engaged in learning can be challenging. They complete tasks quickly, are often motivated to dig deeper into a subject, and are prone to boredom if not sufficiently challenged. This can lead to disengagement, especially for gifted students.

To better support my gifted and talented students, I have integrated the Talents Unlimited approach into my classroom practice. The Talents Unlimited approach to education was created by Dr. Calvin Taylor, who researched the thinking skills people need to be successful in the world of work. Specifically, the Talents Unlimited model identified the following five key thinking abilities that lead to success: Productive Thinking, Communication, Forecasting, Decision Making, and Planning. Nurturing and expanding these talents can help students develop creative and problem-solving skills.…Read More

5 ways to create an inviting, engaging multipurpose learning space

Key points:

We always knew that it would be great to have a dedicated space for students who needed pull-out testing, different accommodations, and/or more individualized instruction. We also knew that by creating a modern, multipurpose space from an existing facility we’d be able to meet those needs while also using the space for staff meetings, academic clubs, Bible study, and other uses.

Using funding from our Parish Picnic and donations, we picked the perfect place for our new multipurpose room: a common space that was central to the gathering area near the entrance to our church.…Read More

Teacher Shortage Solutions for Computer Science and CTE

The lack of computer science technology educators in middle schools continues to be a genuine crisis, especially considering the critical role of STEM education in preparing students for future careers. Traditional hiring practices often result in non-specialist educators teaching computer science, leading to challenges in delivering effective instruction.

Graham Celine, VP of Business Development & Marketing for Intelitek, which offers the online platform CoderZ, emphasized this topic last month at FETC and in this conversation with eSchool. CoderZ aims to address this gap by providing comprehensive tools and resources for both students and educators, enabling structured and engaging computer science education. 

With increasing recognition of computer science as a fundamental skill, particularly evidenced by state standards mandating its inclusion in curricula, CoderZ offers a solution aligned with educational goals and industry demands. Graham says the program’s flexible implementation options cater to various educational settings, from individual subscriptions to district-wide adoption. Moreover, he points to the product’s assessment strategies focused on student outcomes, employing a combination of automated evaluations and teacher-led assessments to ensure comprehensive learning assessment. Have a listen:…Read More

How Does AI Help Teachers?

Key points:

AI in education is revolutionizing learning by becoming an invaluable aid to teachers. Beyond automation, AI enhances teaching with personalized support, content creation, and data-driven insights. Explore how AI is transforming the role of educators, offering innovative tools that amplify teaching effectiveness and cater to individual student needs.

How can AI help teachers?

AI tools for teachers can extend crucial support, going beyond mere automation to revolutionize the education landscape. Personalized learning assistance is a key aspect, as AI analyzes individual student data to provide tailored content and insights into learning preferences, aiding teachers in adapting their methods to meet diverse needs.…Read More

Discovery Education Offers Educators New Resources Supporting Black History Month Observances 

Charlotte, NC. — Discovery Education today unveiled a new collection of engaging, high-quality digital learning resources supporting Black History Month observances. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform nurtures student curiosity and supports learning wherever it takes place.  

The following resources are now available for users of the award-winning Discovery Education Experience K-12 learning platform: 

  • Civil Rights Ready-to-Use Resources: Through the DE Original Series, Need to Know, students travel through time to investigate the Civil Rights Movement. Each episode is paired with Ready-to-Use Lessons and PDF activities that align with the topics covered and features additional historical context and primary source resources.  
  • Happy Black History Month video: In this new video from Sesame Workshop for students in grades PK-2, Elmo, Gabrielle, Tamir, and Abby come together to celebrate the contributions of Black and African American communities. 

All these resources and more are available on the Celebrating Black History channel within Discovery Education Experience. Connecting educators to a vast collection of high-quality, standard-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools, and professional learning resources, Discovery Education’s K-12 platform facilitates the creation of engaging instructional experiences for all students.  …Read More

Trends and challenges impacting CTE in 2024–and beyond

Key points:

In 2024, career and technical education (CTE) is not simply an alternative for students whose future plans don’t include college. It’s a fundamental part of the K-12 experience and a viable career pathway for many students.

CTE lets students understand the relevance of what they’re learning in school. It exposes them to career pathways they might not have known about otherwise. It prepares them for rich and rewarding careers in high-paying, high-demand jobs, whether they go on to attend college or not.…Read More

Savvas Learning Company Announces New Edition of its Leading myView Literacy Program Grounded in the Science of Reading

PARAMUS, N.J. —  Savvas Learning Company, a next-generation K-12 learning solutions leader, today introduced the new edition of myView Literacy, its leading K-5 core English Language Arts (ELA) program. Combining powerful Science of Reading-based instruction with engaging student-centered practice opportunities, myView Literacy © 2025 is designed to develop strong readers and writers, improving learning outcomes for all students.

The new edition of  myView Literacy comes at a time when the Science of Reading movement has gained national momentum, with many states now requiring the use of evidence-based strategies for teaching students to read. More and more school districts today are making it a priority to use high-quality instructional materials that not only demonstrate both efficacy and a positive impact on student achievement but also provide teachers the training and support they need to successfully implement the curriculum.

Firmly grounded in the  Science of ReadingmyView’s daily foundational-skills instruction follows an easy-to-teach sequence that’s proven to increase reading achievement and close skills gaps. Adding to the program’s exciting authentic literature and interactive resources, the new edition of myView Literacy now features an increased focus on foundational writing instruction, more student practice opportunities, and new enhancements and improved navigation for a more seamless digital teaching and learning experience.…Read More

GoGuardian Launches Pear Deck Learning, a Comprehensive Ecosystem of Innovative Learning Tools

LOS ANGELES (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GoGuardian, the leading company delivering proven solutions to create effective, engaging, and safer learning environments, today unveiled a unified ecosystem for its curriculum and instruction products under a new name:  Pear Deck Learning.

Available now to school districts nationwide, Pear Deck Learning offers a comprehensive ecosystem of tools for instruction, engagement, assessment, and intervention that is rooted in learning science and designed to help K-12 classrooms — teachers and students alike — achieve their full potential.

Pear Deck Learning is introduced at a time when educators are seeking ways to close pandemic-related learning gaps while leveraging educational technologies to save time, support planning, and better enable the most important part of their work: driving positive learning outcomes. In a recent nationally representative survey1, one out of four educators expressed difficulty connecting data points from different edtech tools to form actionable insights. Pear Deck Learning solves this by delivering an ecosystem of integrated tools for a dynamic and enriching classroom experience.…Read More

What Technology or Teaching Tools Do You Use to Enhance Your Teaching?

Key points:

In the dynamic realm of K-12 education, leveraging technology tools for teaching and learning is essential for creating engaging and effective learning environments. Educators today are embracing a diverse range of technological resources to enhance their teaching methods, from interactive whiteboards and educational apps to virtual platforms and collaborative tools.

There are a number of technologies and teaching tools educators employ to elevate their K-12 teaching practices, fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of modern education and learning in the digital age.…Read More

Digital Literacy Skills for Students

Key points:

  • Digital literacy skills are paramount for students’ future success
  • When teaching digital literacy, it’s important to connect lessons to real-life relevancy
  • Stay up to date on news about learning in the digital age

When it comes to learning in the digital age, cultivating strong digital literacy skills is paramount for students’ success. As technology continues to shape every facet of modern life, proficiency in navigating digital tools, critically evaluating online information, and responsibly engaging in the digital space becomes crucial.

As we examine the significance of digital literacy skills, we’ll focus on highlighting their role in empowering students to navigate the complexities of the information age, fostering critical thinking, and preparing them for the challenges of an increasingly interconnected and technologically-driven world.…Read More