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SMART Technologies Rolls Out Two New Editions of the ONLY True Multi-User Interactive Display

The highly anticipated new displays include new features and options focused on sustainability and ease of use, for a strategic long-term investment for schools

CALGARY, AB – Today SMART Technologies debuts the latest industry-leading SMART interactive displays for education at the 2023 TCEA Convention & Exposition in San Antonio, Texas. This new release includes the new SMART Board® MX (V4) series, and the SMART Board GX (V2) series. These new displays join the SMART Board 6000S series as the only interactive displays that allow multiple users to freely write, erase, and gesture at the same time, across platforms and applications. 

SMART displays provide the best annotation experience on the market, along with other key, unique features that make them a true ‘walk up and teach’ experience for teachers and students. 

“At SMART we care deeply about the ease of use of our products, and we are working tirelessly to make the most advanced and intuitive tools,” said SMART Technologies CEO Nicholas Svensson. “These products are designed for teachers to ‘walk up and teach’ and to make their days easier – reducing lesson prep time and allowing teachers to provide more collaborative and engaging learning experiences for their students with ease.” 

Among the new enhancements of the MX and GX displays is a more vibrant and crisp experience thanks to zero bonded glass, as well as improvements to the touch system for even more precise touch and inking. This enriches SMART’s interactive technology, which remains the most technically robust and intuitive touch solution on the market. Only SMART interactive displays allow multiple users to independently use any type of interaction – write, erase, touch, gesture and more – without impacting another user’s tool choice. 

The natural usability of SMART Ink® allows for annotation and interaction without an overlay, allowing users to freely navigate web browsers, applications and files on Windows and Mac for a truly immersive interactive experience.

Districts can maximize their investments in student devices and support collaborative, active learning with SMART interactive displays powered by iQ, SMART’s built-for-education embedded computing platform.SMART goes beyond the limitations of simple screen share and provides a truly collaborative experience, with built-in engagement activities for devices. SMART displays help teachers and students get more from their devices with: 

  • Flexible screen sharing options without an app or shared network required 
  • Interactive screen sharing with touchback for natural interaction between a display and a device
  • Collaborative whiteboarding with student attribution 
  • Polling and voting 
  • Simple checks for understanding
  • Questioning and reflection exercises
  • Freeform or categorized brainstorming and ideation activities
  • Prior knowledge activation exercises

The new MX (V4) also includes highly-valued features such as an integrated mic array and NFC reader. SMART displays with iQ  run Android 11, and offer industry-leading upgradeability for a secure, sustainable, long-term all-in-one solution.

The SMART Board 6000S has support for more tools than any other interactive display thanks to  SMART’s patented Tool Explorer™ platform, which helps support communication and accessibility for early learners and students with special needs. 

SMART is also showcasing great accessories along with new and enhanced resources to support districts and maximize their investment with unlimited, free professional learning. Learn more about SMART’s new interactive displays at

About SMART Technologies ULCSMART isn’t just a leading tech company, but a connections company working tirelessly to create and advance technology that helps teachers, learners, businesses and teams make meaningful connections every single day. The original SMART Board® launched in 1991, and has continued to innovate through Lumio™, an award-winning cloud-based learning software. With a full range of products, including an impressive selection of easy-to-use interactive displays used by millions of businesses, educators and students around the world, SMART creates connections that matter. To learn more, visit

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