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TouchMath Introduces Innovative Solutions to Increase Math Accessibility and Dyscalculia Advocacy, Empowering Students and Teachers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo./PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —  TouchMath, a multisensory math program that makes learning crucial mathematical concepts accessible and clear for students who struggle to understand grade-level content, announces the launch of  TouchMath Extend and  Dyscalculia Extension. These groundbreaking solutions aim to bridge mathematical gaps and advance dyscalculia advocacy. Coinciding with two significant milestones, International Dyscalculia Day (March 3rd) and the 50th anniversary of the term  ‘Developmental Dyscalculia,’ coined in March 1974, TouchMath reaffirms its commitment to providing essential resources and support to students experiencing mathematical barriers.

“Considering TouchMath’s unwavering commitment to educational equity over nearly five decades, the launch of TouchMath Extend and Dyscalculia Extension signifies a pivotal moment in our mission,” stated Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer at TouchMath. “Recognizing that approximately 75% of students with dyscalculia also experience dyslexia, it’s clear that both conditions warrant equal recognition and support. Through these innovative solutions, we aim to not only raise awareness but also provide concrete assistance, empowering students to overcome mathematical challenges. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ladislav Kosc’s pioneering work, it’s time to dispel misconceptions, deepen understanding, and champion inclusive education where every learner, regardless of their challenges, can thrive.”

Dyscalculia, estimated to  affect 3-7% of the population, is a learning disability with profound impacts on academic performance and daily life. Challenges include struggles with basic math operations and understanding mathematical concepts. However, only about  15% of students have been screened for dyscalculia, while  40% of math teachers report students performing below grade level. Unlike dyslexia, dyscalculia lacks systematic tracking in the U.S. despite the  urgent need for skilled STEM professionals. While more than 45 U.S. states have enacted dyslexia-related legislation, fewer than ten states have passed laws addressing math intervention and instruction since 2021.

“While dyslexia-related legislation has seen significant progress, there’s a notable gap in addressing math intervention and instruction,” notes Dr. Chelsi Brosh, Vice President, Product Innovation at TouchMath. “TouchMath Extend and Dyscalculia Extension fill this void, offering comprehensive solutions to support students struggling with math.”

  • Dyscalculia Extension Overview: Dyscalculia Extension offers tailored support through a multisensory program, providing comprehensive resources like 60 math games/tasks and 180 downloadable activity sheets. Aligned with Standards Edition curricula, it ensures adherence to educational standards and includes supporting tools such as graphic organizers and dyscalculia-specific strategies. With diverse activities catering to various learning styles, Dyscalculia Extension is versatile, aligns with DSM-5 standards, and integrates seamlessly into special and general education classrooms.

In addition to dyscalculia advocacy, TouchMath acknowledges the diverse challenges faced by students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in mathematics education and other STEM subjects.  Research supports the effectiveness of multisensory approaches in enhancing mathematical learning for students with disabilities, and TouchMath Extend aligns with these findings, offering tailored solutions to address the diverse learning needs of all students.

  • TouchMath Extend Overview: TouchMath Extend is an innovative multisensory extended school year, summer school, and ongoing math intervention solution designed to transform math learning. It offers a tailored 12-week curriculum focusing on skill remediation and teacher support through on-demand video training. The program combines traditional workbooks with digital math games to enhance comprehension and provides long-term value through the TouchMath digital platform. TouchMath Extend prepares students for future success while embodying TouchMath’s commitment to comprehensive math education.

“Reflecting on our founding mission nearly 50 years ago, TouchMath remains dedicated to creating intentional learning experiences for students, especially those facing vulnerabilities,” said Sean Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer at TouchMath. “We will continue championing accessibility and inclusivity in mathematics education, paving the way for a brighter future for all learners.”

TouchMath’s commitment to dyscalculia advocacy goes beyond its latest product launches. In the last year, TouchMath released the free  DySc screener and an  extensive whitepaper to increase awareness and understanding of dyscalculia and promote efforts to ensure that all children have access to the support they need.

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About TouchMath
TouchMath provides a wide range of curriculum and tools for educators and their students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath is committed to maximizing student potential through its worldwide delivery of hands-on math programs, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities. Since 1975, TouchMath has delivered the only multi-sensory math program that uses the numeral as a manipulative, bringing students along the evidence-based Concrete-Representational-Abstract continuum for mathematics. Visit to learn more.

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