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4 amazing STEM education videos on YouTube

YouTube videos may not be the first choice as an educational tool, but they do offer a wide range of valuable teaching resources

YouTube-stem-education-videosStudents want interactive educational content, and videos can help educators meet that need. One resource, YouTube EDU, features some of the most popular educational videos on the site.

The videos are categorized by subject, from engineering to law, and by age group, from primary and secondary education to lifelong learning. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking for homework help, project research, or simply hoping to learn something new.

There are also a variety of educational YouTube videos on STEM education, which is it at the forefront of many classroom efforts.

The concept of STEM emphasizes the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum, and there are many YouTube videos on these subjects–entire channels of them, in fact–that are both fun and informational, to engage students and help them learn.

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1. Science ChannelMinutePhysics

This informative channel tackles one of the toughest subjects among the sciences: physics. The brief videos answer big physics questions with colorful illustrations and simple explanations, making them perfect to entertain and teach students.

“Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science,” says the channel’s description – an apt summary.

Can’t-Miss Video: “Why is the Solar System Flat?” which has received more than two million views.

2. Technology ChannelMITK12

Created by MIT students through MIT’s Office of Digital Learning, this channel features a category of “Electronics” videos on a range of topics, from solar energy to circuit boards. Many MITK12 videos are also based on relatable, general topics, such as photographyskydiving, or holiday decorations, and then broken down into a lesson on the science involved.

There are many science, math, and engineering videos available on this channel as well.

Can’t-Miss Video: “How Information Travels Wirelessly,” a cool look at the technology behind wireless internet and cell phones.

3. Engineering

“This channel delivers the most current engineering news and other related informative videos,” its “About” section explains. “Something for all engineers.” It also features educational videos for engineers in the making.

While this channel is especially well-known for its humorous and engaging “This Week in Engineering” videos, it also presents a wide array of at-home projects for aspiring engineers to try. As a heads up, many of these involve constructing or assembling items using tools, so these videos are probably better for high schoolers, or younger students if they are accompanied by a parent.

Can’t-Miss Video: “Build and Ride a Hovercraft,” the perfect project for all of the science fiction fans out there.

4. Mathematics Channel: MathMeeting

This channel provides clear, concise explanations for math concepts ranging from simple to very complex. The channel’s creator is a civil engineering graduate from the University of Florida who truly loves to teach, and has made it his mission to create this series of tutorial videos.

Students of all ages could easily find math help through MathMeeting, for basic math as well as high school-level algebra, geometry, and more.

Can’t-Miss Video: “Sin Cos Tan,” which takes on trigonometry from the ground up. This video is especially great with reinforcing concepts, because trig is so important in higher-level math, but often tricky for students to grasp initially.

Carly Buchanan is an Editorial Intern at eSchool News.

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