a group of students collaborating to solve a BreakoutEDU challenge

Empower students to be future ready with these top 5 tools

An educator shares her favorite resources for sparking curiosity and developing future-ready skills

2. CoSpaces

Get ready for students to up the wow factor when they create and explore with CoSpaces. Students can import 360° images, view their creations in AR or VR, create experiences for the Merge Cube, upload and record audio and video, as well as code what happens in each scene or space. The possibilities are endless for every subject area. Check out some of their lesson plan ideas to get started.

a student using CoSpaces

3. Breakout EDU

Immersive learning game LOADING… Breakout EDU is that and more! Collaboration, communication, problem solving, and teamwork are all needed to race against the clock in physical and digital games. Educators do not need to reinvent the wheel to create their own game. With Breakout EDU’s extensive game library and platform, you can filter by grade level, subject area, and game type. Here’s the best part: After students have played some Breakout EDU games, kick it up a notch and have your students create the next class game! Check out the student digital game design courses available with full platform access.

Students solving a puzzle with BreakoutEDU

4. Google Expeditions and Tour Creator

Take students to places they have never explored using VR, Chromebooks, or mobile devices. Visit historical landmarks, dive into the deep sea, experience life as a Native American, and more with Google’s AR and VR expeditions. Download the app and try some of the available expeditions. If you want your students to create their own expeditions to share with the class and the world, start with Google Tour Creator. Not only can they pull in images from Google Maps, but they can also upload their own 360° images, add audio, scene narration, points of interest, and multiple scenes. Once published, students can share to devices to view in 360° or in VR mode.

Students doing a virtual field trip with Google Expeditions

5. Book Creator

Get ready for your students to showcase their creativity with the world. Using Book Creator, students and educators can create digital books, resources, and portfolios by adding text, images, drawings, video, audio, as well as embedding content from Google Drive, CoSpaces, Tour Creator, Flipgrid, ThingLink, YouTube, and more. Get students collaborating on the same book, publish libraries to share with the world, download as an ebook, or print to share. Need some ideas on where to begin with your class? Look no further!

an example of a book created using Book Creator

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