This new science learning platform helps more students and teachers access science learning.

This free science learning platform holds real promise

Everyone needs science--here's how a new science learning platform makes access to learning a bit easier

A new science learning platform brings together a visionary team led by Professor Robert Lue of Harvard with the philanthropic arm of a leading biotechnology company, both of which have a deep commitment to making it possible for everyone to learn and engage in science.

Brought to you by the Amgen Foundation and Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, LabXchange launched publicly in January. The launch coincided with the UN International Day of Education.

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To realize its full potential for innovation, science needs everyone. We need to create opportunities for all people – from every background, race, gender, and geography – to pursue and achieve their own potential in science.

The World Economic Forum estimates that one billion lives have been saved by vaccines, but how much of the world’s population has had the ability to contribute to the discovery and development of vaccines, or any medicine for that matter? How many discoveries and medicines are we missing out on because of that?

While biomedical science has indeed come far, how many young people with the potential to transform our world in groundbreaking ways have not done so simply because they’ve never had the opportunity

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