Research: Kids from bilingual households more flexible thinkers

Babies are whizzes at taking in new information, especially when it comes to languages. The University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences is currently studying how infants’ brain activity in response to language relates to their later speaking ability, the Huffington Post reports. The research goes beyond learning languages though. The Institute is interested in what makes young brains so capable of absorbing new information, which could reveal how to maintain learning throughout life…

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Students find ways to thwart Facebook bans

Banning Facebook at school? Ha! When Thom McKay realized that his son had figured out how to get on the social networking site even though his New Jersey middle school had blocked it, he asked the boy in astonishment how he had done it, the New York Times reports.

“Pretty easy, Dad,” his son retorted. “Don’t be an idiot. We know more about computers than the teachers do.”

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