Five ways readers are using iPads in the classroom

"Kids have grown up their whole lives with computers, but they need to be taught how to harness the technology for education," says Mitchell Salerno, principal of the Master's Academy in Florida.

Whether you think it’s hot stuff or just fluff, the iPad has caught the eye of many educators. Here’s a list of five ways that eSchool News readers say they’re using iPads in the classroom.

How are you using iPads in your own schools or classrooms? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us your own experience in the comments section of this story.

1. For intervention.

Gabrielle Smith from Etna Elementary has been using her iPad 2 in her fifth-grade classroom for roughly two months. Smith purchased the iPad with her own money and without reimbursement to test the device as a model for delivering Response to Intervention (RtI).

“I found an app called Math Drills, to help students with their math facts. After a school-wide math fact program, there were a certain number of students that still didn’t know their addition facts. Essentially, they had trouble with ‘at a snap’ recall of facts,” she explained.

“I put those few students on the iPad app, which gave them the opportunity to practice and then to test themselves. It kept track of their scores and showed their improvement. I’ve had students BEG me to allow them to practice their facts—under normal circumstances, what fifth-grader do you know [who] WANTS to practice their facts? I’ll take it! Each student has showed improvement in the quick recall of facts, and they want to. It can’t get much better than that.”

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