Top 5 reasons why we need tablets in every classroom

Dominick Mauro, Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Turn-key Technologies, Inc, shares five reasons why schools need tablets in every classroom.

mauro-tablets-classroomSeason’s Greetings folks! It is once again that time of the year. A time for joy, good eats, and last minute shopping. I for one am guilty as charged for putting on my best Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) impersonation in search of this year’s Turbo Man.

After the emotional roller coaster of traffic, lines, and rude retail sales representatives, I enjoy sitting down with my family to watch our favorite Holiday movies. One of our personal favorites is the 1965 Charles M. Schulz classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Thinking back to previous Peanut episodes I recall the distinct muffled voice of their teacher Mrs. Donovan and can’t help but ask myself, is this how today’s teachers are coming across to our younger generation of students? If you don’t remember the teacher’s voice, here is a quick refresher.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets get down to business. Lets face it, today’s children are growing up with a baby bottle in one hand and a tablet in the other. I am mesmerized as I watch my two year old Godson navigate through his mothers iPad like a pro.

To quote the great Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are a-Changin.” So what does this mean for the traditional classroom? With the rise of mobile learning and flipped classrooms, it’s time to trade in those old moldy textbooks for new student friendly tablets. Here are my top 5 reasons why tablets should be in every classroom.

  1. Leave the Lecture at Home- With the addition of tablets, students will have the ability to watch online video lectures from home which will lead to more time for student/teacher interaction and group activities during regular school hours. This is a popular method used in a flipped classroom environment.
  2. Shy Guy (or Gal) Friendly- Tablets are also beneficial to the students who are too shy or embarrassed to raise their hand during class. With immediate access to email and social media, your students will now have the ability to contact their teachers for questions regarding the lesson plan at any time.
  3. Better Presentations– Gone are the days of spending countless hours in the library digging through books and encyclopedias. Tablets give your students the capability to access information at a more efficient rate. With the explosion of apps, presentation become more creative and interactive for students and teachers alike.
  4. Cost Effective- According to a 2012 article in the Deseret News the United States spends more than $7 billion dollars a year on textbooks. It is also stated by the Federal Communications Commission that schools can save up to $250 dollars per student if they switch to digital textbooks.
  5. Future Proofing Your Students- Keeping up with the technology trends in today’s workforce is imperative. By implementing mobile devices into our classrooms, we give our children the tools to exceed now and into the future.

There are many other reasons why students should be introduced to mobile devices such as tablets. These are my Top 5. Today’s students are growing up in the technology age and they deserve the proper resources to help them succeed. What are your reasons for utilizing tablets as an educational tool?

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Dominick Mauro is the Inside Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Turn-key Technologies, Inc. He is the author of the A Simple Twist of Tech which discusses the latest trends in wireless communications, BYOD, and ED-Tech.

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