Digital report card seeks to build best innovation education system

We are replacing books with digital devices and have moved on to the Information Age while many schools remain in the Industrial Age

digital-report-cardThe blackboard was a revolutionary piece of technology when introduced into classrooms back in the 19th century. Teachers could, at last, give group lessons and present group problems.

To show you how slow technology advanced in education, the blackboard and its descendants, such as the grease board and overhead projector, still are the focal point in most classrooms.

And meanwhile, the outside world is caught up in a digital revolution that has transformed almost every facet of our lives. We have moved on to the Information Age while far too many schools remain mired in the Industrial Age.

We have the most diverse student population in history. It’s unrealistic to squeeze them all into a 19th century education model. They cannot be expected to master the same material in the same way and at the same pace.

This also runs counter to life outside the classroom, where these digital natives have used technology to personalize communications, entertainment options, social networks and information gathering.

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