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5 ways to teach kids about the Declaration of Independence

These apps, videos, and activities will teach your students about the country’s roots


Having sizzling burgers during the day and watching a lit-up sky at night seem to be hallmarks of celebrating the Fourth of July.

But if that’s all our students think of on Independence Day, they are missing a huge part of the U.S. experience.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the perfect moment to give kids a little history lesson with these resources.

Because they’re all interactive, you can still enjoy your summer break while students learn a little about the nation’s founding.

1.     Apples4theTeacher

This educational resource for teachers has an entire page dedicated to Fourth of July activities and games for kids. It even includes delicious recipes like “Booming Firecracker Cupcakes.”

2.      Washington D.C. App by Kids Discover

With this app, kids can get a virtual tour of Washington, D.C., as well as learn about the monuments, take quizzes, and play games. There’s a separate section for students to learn about the Declaration of Independence titled, “Of the People, By the People, For the People.”

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3.     Declaration of Independence Video

This classic 15-minute video blends Hollywood and the Declaration of Independence. Your students will likely recognize some famous faces, such as Morgan Freeman, Mel Gibson, and Whoopie Goldberg. Their distinctive voices bring the document to life.

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4.     School House Rock Cartoon Lesson

Remember this classic series? This clever video draws from the idea that the first fireworks sounded during the American Revolution. You might find your feet tapping along to the beat as you watch this informative, 3-minute jazz melody.

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5.     Congress for Kids

Did you know that the words “United States” are nowhere in the Declaration of Independence? Or that the United States actually came into being on March 1, 1781? You can find more facts like that, along with activities and more, on this site. Your students might be teaching you once their through with these resources!

With these resources, you can rest assured that your students will be informed as they munch away on their hot dogs and potato salad.

What do you think about these apps? Share your views and opinions in the comments section below, and follow me on Twitter @LisaDriscoll2.

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