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See what K-12 professionals are saying on Twitter about some of the most pressing education and ed-tech issues

twitter-k12-conversationsIf you were to search on Twitter to see what are some of the most urgent issues affecting educators, administrators, and IT specialists in K-12 education, what do you think you would find?

The same trends that dominate conversation in the physical world are also being discussed and debated online. Whether discussing the latest trends in STEM education, curriculum and assessments, best practices, or mobile technology, there are plenty of ed-tech conversations to follow on Twitter—and lots of good insight for K-12 leaders.

So once you’ve followed @eschoolnews, check out some of these other essential ed-tech influencers to stay up-to-date with the latest ed-tech news.


A key topic of discussion today is why the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) are important for students’ future economic competitiveness—and how to draw students into these fields.

Many teachers are on the lookout for more resources not only to help educate children in math and science, but to instill a sense of passion and joy in learning these often difficult subjects.

Malia Hollowell, a National Board Certified elementary teacher, offers 40 STEM activities for kids in the education website Playdough to Plato.

Taking to Twitter, Nicol Howard, a teacher at Monte Vista Elementary School, had this to say:

See what other educators and leaders think about this topic on Twitter here.

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2. Best Practices

Modern technology helps educators and administrators connect with colleagues on a host of issues to improve instruction, enhance the student experience, and transform their schools.

As educators prepare for a new school year, what are some best practices they can implement in the classroom? Greg Schwanbeck, a high school physics and astronomy teacher, lists in The Huffington Post 18 tips for new teachers, including: “Never pass up a chance for a Friday afternoon beer with colleagues. These opportunities will be both educational and cathartic.”

What do you think of these suggestions? See what other educators are saying on Twitter about best practices in K-12.

3. Mobile Technology

Mobile technology deployment in the classroom has become very popular (and costly) in recent years. However, educators and district leaders are always interested in learning from their peers ways to maximize tech tools and efficiency.

Journalist Katrina Schwartz has five strategies on leveraging student-owned devices in any classroom.

Follow this timely discussion on Twitter here.

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4. Common Core

The Common Core State Standards are a series of academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA) that represent goals for what students should learn after each year. While some believe these internationally benchmarked standards make it easier for states to compare standardized testing, others say that such testing does not provide an accurate evaluation of student achievement.

Currently, it appears the tide is turning against the Common Core. T. Rees Shapiro in The Washington Post writes that new research reveals a decline in American support for the common standards. “‘It’s pretty apparent that the Common Core has become a polarizing term,’ said Terry Holliday, the education commissioner of Kentucky.”

Follow the conversation on Twitter here.

5. Professional Development / Social Media

Educators and administrators are constantly looking for new opportunities to hone their skills. Social media is a powerful medium for educators not only to connect with each other, but to use in the classroom to provide students with a more interactive and engaging learning experience.

Scott Rocco, Ed.D., a superintendent in New Jersey and adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey, shares several leadership trends and how social media technology has changed learning.

Watch this full video here.

See what other leaders are talking about with professional development and social media here.

Michael Sharnoff is Associate Online Editor at eSchool News. Follow him on Twitter @Michael_eSM.

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