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Waterford Early Learning for iPad targets K-2 personalized mobile curriculum

Thousands of activities available this summer on iPad for back-to-school use

ipad-curriculumWaterford Institute has announced another platform for Waterford Early Learning, this time on iPad.

Utilizing the Apple iPad in schools across the U.S, the Waterford Early Learning (WEL) curriculum is optimized for touch and set to release this summer in time for back to school training.

Waterford has enhanced nearly 8,000 dynamic learning activities, including hundreds of new activities, to take advantage of iPad’s mobile and touch capabilities and to provide early learners with developmentally appropriate curriculum.

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“Waterford Early Learning for iPad provides a multi-sensory learning experience based on a curriculum that is proven effective among early learning students in schools across the country,” said Benjamin Heuston, Ph.D., president and COO of Waterford Institute. “This is a first of its kind; something that has never been done before until now. It is a complete learning system with three grades of learning content all available on the iPad.”

Waterford Early Learning for iPad is a research-based early learning curriculum delivered through personalized learning software and teacher resources.
WEL is designed to help children build the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It individualizes three years of complete reading, math and science to meet each child’s unique learning needs. Students use an adaptive learning sequence of engaging activities, songs and books designed by educators. Web-based management tools allow teachers to seamlessly integrate WEL into any classroom via desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.

The Waterford School in Sandy, Utah recently used Waterford Early Learning for iPad successfully in its computer labs where students used it three times per week. For each session, students simply touch their picture on the iPad to log into their activities for a 15-minute session. Progress is monitored and managed by the students’ teacher. Waterford School plans to fully implement Waterford Early Learning for iPad in the fall of 2015.

“Our test of Waterford Early Learning for iPad in our computer lab has been very successful,” said Teri Andrach, computer lab manager for Waterford School. “The students become very motivated and engaged in their learning activities—more so than on traditional computers. It allows them to interact like never before. For example, they can trace letters of the alphabet with their fingers directly on the iPad. They could never do that on the computer.”

“We need to always remember this is all about the curriculum and teaching kids,” Heuston said. “Technology enables teachers to do what they do best more efficiently. The mobile aspect of this system makes Waterford more accessible to more students while the touch aspect makes it a deeply personal experience for these very young learners.”

Waterford Early Learning for iPad tailors the learning experience to meet individual student needs, while meeting requirements of widely accepted educational standards. Its activities provide students with a wide variety of engaging, interactive and multi-modal activities that appeal to different learning styles.

The system provides management tools such as activity search and custom assignments, and reports to help teachers monitor, diagnose and address student learning needs. The program is easy to set up and allows seamless integration into any classroom model. It is easy for students to interact with and use. Waterford Institute also provides in-depth training for teachers to assist them in implementing Waterford Early Learning for iPad into their classrooms.

Waterford Institute recommends the use of full size iPads rather than iPad mini for children due to dexterity. It requires iOS 8 or above.

Waterford Early Learning iPad is available now as part of the Waterford Early Learning system. Schools and school districts can receive additional information by contacting Waterford Institute or by visiting the Waterford Early Learning website.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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