Kajeet honors ‘Action Heroes’ closing the Homework Gap

1 million Homework Gap hours ‘rescued’ by Kajeet Customers

Kajeet, a provider of safe mobile student internet connectivity, has launched its 2016 campaign to highlight the “real action heroes” in school districts working to close the Homework Gap for their students.

As part of the campaign to celebrate educators and administrators, Kajeet created four Homework Gap Heroes to help champion the cause. Ed tech leaders throughout America are invited to take a short 10-question quiz to find out which action hero best fits their personality.

The Homework Gap refers to the number of school-age children who don’t have broadband access at home and cannot complete their school assignments. As more and more school districts implement digital and web-based learning programs requiring students to work on assignments outside the classroom, millions of low-income students are finding themselves caught in a widening digital divide.

Roughly 7-in-10 teachers assign homework requiring broadband access at home; however one-third of those students lack home internet access, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Across the country, school districts are launching 1-to-1 initiatives to extend the impact of mobile devices and implement innovative programs in their classrooms. At the same time, districts are finding ways to provide mobile internet access for students that don’t have it once they leave school, even with limited funds and stretched budgets.

Educators and administrators are working to find solutions to connect kids in a multitude of ways within their community, including Kajeet Education Broadband, which includes a portable intelligently-networked Wi-Fi hotspot combined with a filtered cloud portal, to managed Wi-Fi on school buses to community Wi-Fi kiosks and a Wi-Fi directory of local businesses providing free access.

Since December 2014, students in more than 130 districts have spent more than 1 million hours completing homework outside the classroom using Kajeet Education Broadband.

“Those 1 million online hours at home are hours that would have been lost by not having Kajeet Education Broadband connectivity,” said Kajeet CEO and Founder Daniel Neal. “At Kajeet, we are particularly gratified to be working with and supporting the Real Action Heroes who are out working daily in our schools and actually closing the Homework Gap. These educators are making sure that those children, who are left behind as vital educational resources have been moved online, are pulled back into the fold of school and society.”

To learn more about the Homework Gap and the Real Action Heroes, visit http://www.kajeet.net/homeworkgapheroes.

Laura Ascione

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