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3 ways gamification engages students

Gamification, defined as using game-like elements in non-game contexts, can help motivate online learners and solve this issue. In the context of education, gamification elements typically include digital badges, leaderboards, progress bars, and more. Integrating these elements within an online learning environment can provide students with an intriguing, immersive experience.

5 essentials for an active learning classroom

The traditional classroom model has been turned on end, with the arrangement of desks and front-of-the-classroom focus becoming obsolete and unnecessary. In its place are dynamic, flexible, and mobile learning spaces that support student-centered teaching, collaboration, and engagement.

How a teacher uses comics to teach social justice

In 2011, Miles Morales, a Black teen, was introduced as Spiderman and our class discussed the ways in which pop culture reflects society. A Black student came up to me after class and we had this really meaningful conversation in which he told me that he was much more impressed that Spiderman was Black than that the president of the United States was at the time.