Why even art teachers have a problem with standardized testing

Gray is the color between black and white and it can be created in many ways. There is cool gray and there is warm gray. There are light grays and dark grays. The question is, how do I make the right gray? Do I add one percent black to white or 99 percent white to black? Asks a TakePart.com contributor. As an art teacher, I can give my students a written test to see if they remember the formula, or I can give them a paintbrush and paint. Standardized tests are supposed to be more acceptable than non-standardized tests. They are created to gather data about answers to predetermined questions in order to determine the students’ performance and intelligence. In art education, it is not so simple to measure the creative process, performance and aesthetic responses in student learning. I am not concerned about the percent of colors my students use to make gray. I am concerned whether or not they understand the technique and can demonstrate it correctly…

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