Do you speak computer programming?

As much as I am a fan of teaching my child Spanish, especially in a country that is becoming increasingly Hispanic, there is another language I wish my son was learning, reports The Natchez Democrat. If you asked most school children if they speak Python or Ruby, they might wonder if you are talking about something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you asked them if they can write PHP or Java, they more than likely will respond that they don’t do that stuff. Back in my day when there were no such things as cellphones and iPads, learning Spanish, French and even Latin were an expected part of the curriculum. We may not have been learning them at 3-years old, but we knew at some point either Señor Gentry or Monsieur Latham were in our future. But the computer programming languages Python, Ruby, PHP and Java had yet to be developed. Yes, computers had been invented when I was in school; and no they weren’t comprised of big vacuum tubes and big spinning wheels of magnetic tape. Thirty years later, computers are everywhere and used in almost every profession by almost everybody. And yet, few schools in America include computer programming in their curriculums. Why?

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