‘Bring your own device’ catching on in schools

Mobile devices are now found in the hands of most children, and school leaders are using that fact to their advantage by incorporating devices that students already own…

$35,000 for 21st century classrooms

This grant will help educators develop 21st century classrooms and improve achievement by providing effective, engaging technology and professional development tools.
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$10K for STEM competition

This competition is dedicated to providing scholarships and increasing access to higher education for talented mathematics, science, engineering, and technology students in the United States.
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Green classroom technologies

Entrants should visit the Toshiba Innovation Facebook page and fill out a form explaining what they, their classroom, or school is doing this year to take part in…
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$1,000 for innovative cell phone use

This program challenges entrants to create innovative solutions for using cell phones and smartphones in the classroom, for everything from student data collection to engagement.
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Multiple mathematics award opportunities

The Mathematics Education Trust channels the generosity of contributors through the creation and funding of grants, awards, honors, and other projects that support the improvement of mathematics teaching…
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