‘Bring your own device’ catching on in schools

Some district initiatives ask students to bring their own mobile devices to class.

Mobile devices are now found in the hands of most children, and school leaders are using that to their advantage by incorporating devices that students already own into classroom lessons and projects.

Concerns remain about students who are unable to purchase or borrow a device for use in the classroom, but districts might find creative ways—such as asking local businesses or community organizations for help—to provide devices in such instances, advocates of the trend say.

With access issues in mind, allowing students to bring their own devices from home can offer educational benefits, as well as some surprisingly positive results when it comes to creative thinking and classroom behavior.

While there has not been a large amount of research on mobile learning devices in the classroom, research on one-to-one computing is a type of presage to some of the current research on mobile technology, said Richard Hezel of Hezel  Associates, during an International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) webinar that focused on mobile learning.

Studies of Maine’s one-to-one laptop program, for instance, revealed that laptops were used for math and science, organizing and sharing information, and playing educational games.

“In Maine, findings indicate that teacher knowledge and practices and use of technology increased,” Hezel said. Math and reading scores increased, and all involved learned lessons about technology, learning, and assessment.


Cornerstone OnDemand’s Extended Enterprise Platform Helps Grass Valley Enable Customers and Grow Revenues

Using Cornerstone’s software to create a self-service, online training resource for global customers and resellers allows the broadcast technology vendor to turn training into a revenue channel

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 28 2011 – Learning and talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) announced today that Grass Valley™, a global provider of broadcast technology and professional services, is using the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise platform to provide its global customers and resellers with a self-service, online training resource. Blending instructor-led classroom training with e-learning course options has allowed Grass Valley to improve the quality and efficiency of the program, as well as reduce training costs. An expanded library of instructional content also has helped to boost the company’s training revenue.

Helping customers maximise their investment in Grass Valley’s products with value-added training was a natural progression for the company in providing outstanding service and product support.

“Companies commonly cite training as a significant factor in deciding whether to purchase our technology solutions,” said Tim Ordaz, senior director of marketing for Grass Valley, a Cornerstone OnDemand client since 2008. “Cornerstone’s software allowed us to create an online resource similar to top-ecommerce sites, where our users can easily register for or purchase a wide variety of courses at their convenience. Now, training has become a revenue channel for Grass Valley, and the platform essentially pays for itself.”

Grass Valley’s cameras, production switchers, video servers and other products are the choice for many of the largest broadcast networks and production/post-production facilities around the globe. In the past, the company provided manual training to teach customers and partners how to operate and maintain its product offerings. But with a growing global user base, an expanding set of product offerings and increasingly complex training requirements, Grass Valley was challenged with how best to scale its training program. Cornerstone’s easily configurable, SaaS-based solution allowed the company to create Grass Valley University, which enables Grass Valley to manage classroom training, easily upload custom content, and monitor and report on customer access, all through one centralised system.

“Using learning technology to actively engage and enable extended client networks can help companies drive brand loyalty and encourage repeat sales,” said Charles Coy, director of product marketing for Cornerstone OnDemand. “It also creates an opportunity for organisations to establish customer training as a new profit center. Research shows that companies that implement training as a revenue channel find it to be a profitable line of business, with 35 to 50 percent typical margins.”[1]

To read more about Grass Valley’s use of Cornerstone’s learning and talent management software, including how they’re using the system to facilitate internal employee training, download the case study at http://www.cornerstoneondemand.co.uk/extended-enterprise-case-study-grass-valley

To read more about the value of technology for engaging extended client and partner networks, download Cornerstone’s white paper, “The Extended Enterprise: Using New Technologies to Extend Your Network, Enable Collaboration and Drive Revenue,” at http://www.cornerstoneondemand.co.uk/extended-enterprise-using-new-technologies-extend-your-network-enable-collaboration-and-drive-revenu.

For more information about Cornerstone OnDemand, visit http://www.cornerstoneondemand.co.uk. To follow Cornerstone OnDemand on Twitter, go to http://twitter.com/cornerstoneinc. To read Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management blog, visit http://www.cornerstoneondemand.co.uk/blog.


Turnitin Debunks Myths Surrounding Plagiarism on the Web


Turnitin Debunks Myths Surrounding Plagiarism on the Web

Social networks and educational sites are the top sources for unoriginal content in student papers

OAKLAND, Calif. – April 28, 2011 – iParadigms, creators of Turnitin and the leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention, today announced the results of a new plagiarism study which shows that social and user-generated web sites are the most popular resources for student copying, followed by academic and homework-related sites. Surprisingly, cheat sites and paper mills comprised less than 15 percent of the total resources used and showed the most significant decline over the period examined.

The study examined which Internet sites students rely on for unoriginal content in their written work by classifying 110 million content matches in 40 million student papers that were submitted to Turnitin over a ten-month period (June 2010 to March 2011). The study does not determine if the cites were correctly sourced, only that the material matched existing material in Turnitin’s index of more than 14 billion pages of web site content.

“Students are being raised in a digital culture where sharing, re-using and copying is routine,” says Chris Harrick, vice president of marketing at Turnitin. “Educators face a challenge in educating students that originality matters when it comes to critical thinking and writing. Plagiarism prevention services such as Turnitin can reduce unoriginal content in student writing by 50-75 percent while helping to develop students’ critical thinking and writing skills.”

The full study, entitled “Plagiarism: Myths and Realities,” can be downloaded at http://pages.turnitin.com/PlagiarismandtheWebSEC.html.

The study findings include:

 Plagiarism is going social
One-third of all content matched in the study is from social networks, content sharing or question-and-answer sites where users contribute and share content.

 Legitimate educational sites are more popular than cheat sites
One-quarter of all matched material is from legitimate educational web sites, almost double the number that comes from paper mills or cheat sites.

 15 percent of content matches come directly from sites that promote and benefit from academic dishonesty
Paper mills and cheat sites are the third most popular category for matched content.

 Wikipedia is the most popular site for matched content
Wikipedia remains the most popular single source for student-matched content on the Web, comprising seven percent of matches in the months examined. The other most popular sites, in order, are answers.yahoo.com, www.answers.com, www.slideshare.net, www.oppapers.com, www.scribd.com, www.coursehero.com, www.medlibrary.org.

 Educators with the knowledge and tools can address the growing problem
Educators who employ the proper tools and technologies can significantly mitigate plagiarism. For example, institutions with widespread adoption of Turnitin see a reduction in unoriginal content of 30 to 35 percent in the first year. By the fourth year, many institutions see levels of unoriginality fall by up to 70 percent.

About iParadigms LLC
iParadigms, LLC is the world’s leading provider of web-based solutions for plagiarism prevention. The company’s products include Turnitin, used by educators worldwide to check students’ papers for originality, to enable web-based peer review and for digital grading of student work. iParadigms’ iThenticate solution is the leader in plagiarism detection in research, publishing and many other commercial markets. The company’s solutions check millions of documents each month and are used in over 100 countries. iParadigms is headquartered in Oakland, CA with an international office located in Newcastle, United Kingdom. iParadigms is backed by Warburg Pincus.
http://www.turnitin.com and http://www.ithenticate.com

iParadigms Media Contact:
Chris Harrick, Vice President of Marketing
Phone: +(1) 510.764.7579
Email: charrick@iparadigms.com

Christine Allman
Phone: +(1) 410.975.9638
Email: Christine@kehcomm.com

All products and services mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.



United Stated Department of Education Title II, Part A Grant Finds Success with Tech4Learning Professional Development

Melinda Kolk
Tech4Learning, Inc.

United Stated Department of Education Title II, Part A Grant Finds Success with Tech4Learning Professional Development

Timonium, Maryland, February 2011 — For the second school year, Baltimore County Public Schools has partnered with Tech4Learning to deliver high-quality professional development for non-public schools within the county as part of a Title II Part A grant. This year’s successful set of trainings focused on strengthening home-school communication.
Educators participating in the trainings explored ideas and strategies for fostering successful communication with parents and used Tech4Learning’s Share software to develop customized web sites for their classroom to share assignments, curriculum resources, classroom stories, and student work. Web sites were hosted through K12Share.com, an online hosting service that connects directly with Share.
“Since you can publish and manage your site without ever leaving the software, it makes it easy for all teachers, regardless of technology ability, to publish and share classroom sites that support their learners beyond the walls of the classroom,” says David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.
“Our goal for these workshops is to provide the non-public schools in our county with the know-how and resources to develop and post classroom web sites,” shares Jeanne Imbriale, Professional Development Coordinator for Baltimore County Public Schools. “Tech4Learning was a natural choice to help us reach this goal.”
This is the second year Tech4Learning has partnered with Baltimore County Public Schools to deliver high-quality professional development to private schools in the county. Last year’s workshops focused on integrating technology to foster 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.
Tech4Learning, is an innovative educational technology company that develops and markets original professional development programs and creativity products for K-12 education. Founded in 1999, Tech4Learning has focused on developing tools educators need to be successful with technology in their classrooms. Tech4Learning can be found on the Internet at www.tech4learning.com.


DYMO/Mimio Expands STEM Content Offerings with New Measuring Instruments Pack

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 28, 2011 — DYMO/Mimio ITT, a leading provider of interactive teaching technologies for educators, announces the availability of its new Measuring Instruments pack, as part of its series of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content offerings.

Available for free download globally on MimioConnect.com, which is available in 12 languages, the Measuring Instruments pack features nearly 200 images of simple tools, from rulers to more complex devices like ultrasound machines.

Measurement, an important component of many STEM classes, is also included among core national mathematical standards. To meet this standard, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in using measurement tools, techniques and formulas in a range of situations.

The image gallery, which debuted at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference in Indianapolis earlier this month, can be easily incorporated into lessons for a variety of STEM classes of all levels — from pre-kindergarten to high school courses.

“Images from our Measuring Instruments pack can be featured in lessons that address units, systems and processes of measurement,” said Karen Mahon, Ed.D., DYMO/Mimio Product Manager – Content Strategy. “It’s important that students be able recognize these tools, knowing their functions and applications as these concepts are foundational for more advanced STEM courses.”
Additional images in the pack include tools that measure time, energy, power, action, distance, area, volume, mass, speed, mass, force, pressure, angles and electric energy, among an assortment of other quantitative properties.

The image pack is currently available with accompanying English text; however, DYMO/Mimio plans to release 27 additional language versions later this year in keeping with its growing base of product users in more than 75 countries.

DYMO/Mimio content packs are designed for use with the MimioClassroom suite of products and its corresponding MimioStudio™ 7 software, currently available in 26 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Content packs are available for free at www.MimioConnect.com, an online community designed for teachers to exchange lessons and ideas with colleagues worldwide. The MimioConnect site also features in-country moderators to assist teachers with questions about the website and DYMO/Mimio products.

For more information on DYMO/Mimio ITT, please visit www.mimio.dymo.com; you may also follow DYMO/Mimio ITT on Twitter @MimioTechnology and via Facebook. Download lesson plans and connect with other educators at www.mimioconnect.com.

DYMO/Mimio ITT was named a red dot Award winner for product design, an IDEA and CODiE Awards finalist, Scholastic Administrator’s “Best in Tech 2009 & 2010,” one of District Administration’s “Top 100 products of 2010,” Scholastic Instructor’s Teacher’s Pick “Best of 2009,” and the 2009 ECOO Vendor Excellence Award winner in both “Best Education Solution” and “Best Technology Product.”

About Newell Rubbermaid Global Business and Technology Solutions
DYMO is the master brand name for the Newell Rubbermaid Global Technology Solutions portfolio. In a world that demands greater productivity and measures it at every opportunity, DYMO provides businesses, educational institutions and consumers with innovative and easy ways to share, manage and organize information with improved efficiency and satisfaction.

Our DYMO global technology brands are organized into four solutions:
• DYMO® / Labeling Identification Solutions include DYMO hand-held label makers, PC connected label and postage printers, plus Industrial labeling tools (www.dymo.com).
• DYMO™ / CardScan® Contact Management Solutions include CardScan business card scanners and contact management software (www.cardscan.com).
• DYMO™ / Endicia® Postage Technologies include Endicia online shipping and mailing services (www.endicia.com), as well as customized postage (www.pictureitpostage.com).
• DYMO™ / Mimio® ITT (Interactive Teaching Technologies) include Mimio interactive whiteboard technology, digital ink recorders, document cameras, student response systems and engaging lesson plan content (www.mimio.com).

These global technology brands complement Newell Rubbermaid’s strong portfolio of global brands, which also includes Rubbermaid®, Sharpie®, Graco®, Calphalon®, Irwin®, Lenox®, Levolor®, Paper Mate®, Waterman®, Parker®, Goody®, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® and Aprica®.



Projector Lamp Services: More Than A Replacement Projector Lamp Provider

Projector Lamp Services (PLS) has taken the time to revise, revamp and revive their relamping message while expanding upon the company’s mission. PLS continues to establish themselves as a reliable and valued part of the AV industry.

While relamping is a common term used within the RelampIt! facility, PLS wanted to be certain their terminology and their capabilities were clearly understood throughout the AV industry and across markets. Making sure current and potential customers are fully aware of all the benefits associated with relamping and recycling, PLS decided elaborate on their message with new advertising campaigns, marketing materials and sales and customer service language. Additionally, offering enhanced technical support and distinct quality standards allows PLS to shine as more than a replacement lamp provider. The new message, which was initiated at the beginning of 2011, will be seen at the PLS booth at InfoComm 2011.

PLS continues to encourage the AV industry to “think Green” when it comes to replacement projector lamps by providing clients with the option to incorporate relamping into their service/maintenance contracts and most importantly their green business initiatives. Doing so, gives clients of PLS the ability to make the shift to becoming a full service maintenance contract provider, offering an exclusive service that includes replacement lamps, troubleshooting, support and complimentary lamp recycling.

Projector Lamp Services, LLC, established in May 2007, provides re-lamping services for the projection display industry. PLS has developed a process that allows front and rear projector light sources to be remanufactured at a reduced cost without compromising lifetime or performance. PLS also offers a no charge projector lamp recycling service. The PLS Projector Lamp Recycling Center, focuses on reducing waste and environmental mercury contamination from the lamps found in front and rear projectors. We are dedicated to encouraging AV users to “think green” when it comes to replacement projector lamps. For more information about PLS relamping and recycling, call +1(631)244-0051 or visit our website at www.relampit.com


WIN and CALSA Partner to Strenghten Career and Technical Education for California Latino Students

The California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA) and Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN) are joining together to help CALSA’s member administrators close the Latino achievement gap by giving students a firm grounding in career readiness. WIN is offering one $50,000 scholarship toward the license of WIN’s e-Learning Solutions to be awarded to a CALSA member district. As a scholarship recipient, the CALSA member’s district will have access to the tools they need to help students build strong career pathways directly to the workforce or post-secondary education.

The scholarship will go toward the licensing of WIN’s three premiere career education and pathways programs which create a broad picture of industry demand and follow with skill development programs for jobs in those fields.

· WIN Strategic Compass provides the tools to create a data-driven framework for the discussion and planning of career and college readiness programming in the context of educational aspirations, economic realities, and labor-force demands.

· WIN’s Soft Skills Series reinforces essential skills for success such as attitude, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking, which give students a head-start when seeking jobs.

· WIN’s Career Readiness Courseware provides multi-level, skill-based training to improve foundational academic skills in the context of real jobs and careers, with national certifications in 26 career areas.

These three key programs will make an impact in the educational planning for Latino students as they look toward graduation and future careers.

According to Joseph Goins, Executive Vice President of WIN, “This is an exceptional opportunity for the Latino educational community to help students identify skills, education, and training they need to fill in-demand jobs in emerging and growing industries.”

CALSA is a professional organization comprised of Latino educational leaders across California working on behalf of Latino administrators and children. Headquartered in Tennessee since its inception in 1996, with more than 10 million WIN learners worldwide, WIN is the leader in delivering skills based training for tomorrow’s workforce today!

CALSA member school districts can contact Joseph Goins at jgoins@w-win.com for additional information.

# # #


How schools can get better media coverage in the digital news ecosystem

School leaders must learn how to navigate the new digital news ecosystem, Brookings researchers say.

According to a new study by the Brookings Institution, Americans want more news coverage of their public schools. But to improve the media’s coverage of public education, school leaders must learn how to navigate the new digital news ecosystem.

Not surprisingly, given the federal policy shift in favor of performance pay for teachers, Americans say they want more information from the media about teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

The media’s obsession with school crime and violence—currently at historic lows—also shows its power to shape public opinion about public education: According to the Brookings study, Americans want to see more news stories about school crime and violence, as well as more information about teaching and learning, finances, and school reform.

School leaders must learn how to navigate the new digital news ecosystem, Brookings researchers say. New technologies are lowering news production costs while expanding communication channels through the internet, social media, blogs, eReaders, texting, and smart phones.

“The new ecosystem has clear strengths, including immediacy, interactivity, and diversity,” according to Brookings’ executive summary. “But these virtues must be linked effectively to the delivery of in-depth and substantive reporting.”

While some might view television or internet news coverage and “in-depth, substantive reporting” as an oxymoron, getting better media coverage is possible. Here’s how:

Create an in-house news gathering operation.

To pitch good stories to reporters, school officials need a system for identifying potential news opportunities. Internal key communicator programs are a good place to start.

These programs recruit employee volunteers to serve as news reporters for their schools or departments, and then feed story ideas and other information to the principal or district communications office.


Roommate charged with hate crime in NJ webcam case

Clementi's body was recovered Sept. 29 in the Hudson River.

A former Rutgers University freshman who prosecutors said used a webcam to spy on his roommate’s same-sex encounter was charged April 20 with a hate crime and accused of deleting tweets and texts to cover up his tracks.

Dharun Ravi, 19, was indicted in Middlesex County on 15 counts including bias intimidation and invasion of privacy in events that predated the suicide of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, who in death started a national conversation on the perils of bullying.

Ravi had already faced invasion of privacy charges along with another Rutgers student, Molly Wei.

It took prosecutors months to present their case to a grand jury alleging that Ravi targeted Clementi because of his sexual orientation and tried to broadcast the encounter online to intimidate his roommate.

Read the full story on eCampus News


$35,000 for 21st century classrooms

This grant will help educators develop 21st century classrooms and improve achievement by providing effective, engaging technology and professional development tools.