10 ed-tech resources for school administrators

You don’t have to be a technology-savvy administrator to start implementing these resources today

technology-administrator-educationSometimes it may seem like teachers get to experience all the technology “fun,” but there are many education technology resources that school administrators can use to meet the unique challenges they face.

For example, many school administrators spend time reviewing and revising handfuls of crucial documents. Administrators also need to be able to communicate with staff anytime, anywhere; appease anxious parents; know learning standards and implementation strategies; and provide 21st-century professional development for staff–not an easy job.

However, it doesn’t always take the latest and greatest (sometimes even in beta) technology to make an administrator’s job more efficient; sometimes, it’s the often-overlooked technology, or vetted technology an administrator may not know about, that can help juggle multiple tasks within a day.

Keeping administrator education technology fatigue in mind, this list presents often-basic, yet tried-and-true technology resources that can help administrators complete tasks more easily and with greater efficiency.

All technologies listed (in alphabetical order) have a relatively easy learning curve and are often free to use.

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Meris Stansbury

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