As schools prepared to reopen this past August and September, administrators had to consider more than usual. In order to ensure the safety of students returning to school, administrators had to evaluate school reopening strategies, social distancing efforts, cleaning policies, and how to quickly identify symptomatic students.

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Investments in plexiglass barriers for classrooms and tents for outdoor lessons have become popular choices for many learning institutions, but administrators also have other decisions to make.

Safety needs to go beyond temperature checks

Although it is recommended that students who do not feel well stay at home instead of going to class, schools still need to be prepared to monitor symptoms of their students and determine the best course of action. One such step will include administering temperature checks at schools, which can be done at the start of the school day before students even enter the facility. Temperature-sensing technologies can help faculty members take children’s temperatures before class and minimize the number of sick students entering the building.

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