BlueZoo Expands into Occupancy Monitoring for Social Distancing with BlueFox Count

To better protect businesses, their employees, and their customers from the dangers of overcrowding during the Covid-19 pandemic, BlueZoo is now applying its BlueFox solution to monitor social distancing.

BlueFox sensors measure real time occupancy by using Wi-Fi probes from mobile phones to measure the presence and aggregate flow of people through a space. The company is the world’s leading provider of Wi-Fi-based occupancy measurement solutions. BlueZoo gained success by offering businesses and institutions insights into unique visitor counts, visit dwell times, and visitor recurrence rates to better plan operations, schedule staff, and manage demand, as well as track advertising effectiveness. 

Now, the BlueFox range is expanding to help prevent overcrowded conditions, without the overhead of keeping staff at each entrance, with BlueFox “Count”. BlueFox solutions notify the on-site team instantly when the number of people in a store or a public place exceeds a preset threshold. BlueFox customers can predict wait time because BlueFox knows the historical rate at which visitors leave when the space is at any occupancy level. 

“Overcrowding, both indoors and outdoors, can pose a serious threat to public health during the Covid-19 pandemic,” acknowledges Bill Evans, CEO of BlueFox, Inc. “By using mobile phones as a proxy for people, BlueFox products monitor a space without the overhead of continuous staff attention. BlueFox alerts businesses before conditions become dangerous and tracks historical patterns of crowding. We help keep businesses, their staff, and their customers safe.”  

A single BlueFox sensor surveys areas up to 300,000 square feet. BlueFox senses all the mobile devices located within a distance of up to 300 feet (100 meters) from the sensor and reports how many phones are detected within the space. The range can be reduced to measure smaller areas and “always-present” devices can be excluded from the count with the SmartDetect feature. Sensors measure 2-inches x 2-inches x 1-inch.

BlueFox products respect the privacy of all consumers and have been certified compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by ePrivacy. Unlike mobile apps, BlueFox products collect no personal information, not even phone numbers.

eSchool News Staff

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