Bill Gates: Better software modeling is a key

CNET reports that a key to many hard problems, from using nuclear power to combating diseases, is better software modeling, Bill Gates said on Aug. 6. While it’s not surprising that he’s a fan of using software to help solve hard problems, it is somewhat surprising that there aren’t already good models for some diseases. “There’s no disease-modeling software,” he said, speaking at the end of the three-day Techonomy conference here. “There is none. Why is flu seasonal? We don’t know.” Gates said he aims to make sure that gap is filled, supporting development of the tools needed to do such modeling, while he also wants to use modeling to further explore nuclear power options, such as the Terrapower effort he is backing. “On paper it’s quite amazing but it is hard to go from here to there,” he said. Gates said he also plans to offer up the modeling software package for free for others to use…

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