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7 things Gen Z students say about educational technology

Students and teachers reveal how learning technologies impact their classroom environment

Student-teacher interaction is one of the most important things when creating a positive and effective classroom environment–in fact, it ranked higher than educational technology use, according to both teachers and students in a new survey.

The survey from online learning service provider Quizlet seeks to outline how teachers and students, including Generation Z students (those born in 2001 or later), feel about technology in their classrooms.

Eighty-seven percent of surveyed teachers said interaction with students is an important part of their teaching environment.

Apps in the Classroom

Teachers are significantly more likely to view educational technology apps as a good use of classroom time than students are, according to the survey.

Eighty percent of teachers said using apps in the classroom makes learning more fun, compared to 51 percent of students.

Ninety-seven percent of teachers said they encourage their students to use learning apps and websites on their own time to help with learning, homework or test prep. They cited building good study habits (57 percent), being fun (66 percent), and increasing engagement (76 percent) as benefits.

Of the teachers who said they do not encourage students to use technology on their own, 40 percent they prefer students to study with more traditional materials, and 32 percent said they don’t believe the tools help students build good study habits.

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