ISTE 2021 is virtual, but its sessions are no less compelling--which ones will you attend?

7 fun ISTELive 21 sessions to add to your schedule

ISTELive 21 is virtual, but its sessions are no less compelling--which ones will you attend?

3. The Stupidest Remote Teaching Ideas (and Why They’re Actually Pretty Smart!): There are many technology trends that seem asinine at first but become incredibly popular. What is it about certain technologies that turn them into viral sensations? From Alexa to drones, Pinterest to Pokemon, we’ll explore stupidly awesome trends… and how they can make in-person, virtual or hybrid classrooms more awesome!

4. PBL in Remote & Hybrid Settings: How can PBL be an effective way to meet the needs of each learner when facilitated through a remote or hybrid setting? Explore best practices, tools and tips that bring the best of PBL to life by examining the common challenges and solutions to help overcome these barriers.

5. Why We Shouldn’t Teach Digital Citizenship (and What We Should Do Instead): No, you didn’t read that wrong; it’s true. We should not be teaching digcit to our students and I’ll tell you the top five reasons why. Then we’ll work together to discover what we can do instead to help our students grow as positive, responsible and healthy technology users.

6. Moving Toward Techquity: Meeting the Needs of All Students: Drawing on insights from research and practice, I explore the concept of techquity. I review practical strategies for taking a culturally relevant approach, and explore the benefits of promoting empowered learning, creative knowledge construction and innovative design for historically marginalized and underrepresented students.

7. Alternate-Reality Game Design: Using Tech to Create Immersive Learning Experiences: Alternate-reality games take game-based learning to another level! Explore six design tips and 10 tech tools you can use to create an immersive, multimedia experience that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom and blurs the lines of the game-as-learning experience.

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